A Difference in Sizes of Word Docs and PDF Files Explained

The most important mission of this new computer and internet age is saving storage space on the disc drives. It is all perfectly to continue using the world wide web until the computer starts to move sluggishly than a snail. 

Everyone knows about an annoying sinking feeling when the little message appears to tell that the disk is almost full. Presently there are several new ways to handle this.

In this article, we are going to help you ultimately reduce the file size and answer an important question: Are PDF documents smaller than Word docs?

Continue reading to find out the main element and differences between word documents and PDF files that determine the big file size difference!Plus, how you can make PDF files smaller in size than word docs. 

Size Difference

Generally speaking, Ms Word files are basically a lot less space-consuming than PDF documents. This is due to the amount of information they save. 

PDF documents have a lot more information than Word docs. For instance, when you open your Word doc, you’re counting on having the particular application (no matter what version of Ms Word you use) to use the colors, size, fonts,etc.

If you do not have Ms Word downloaded as software, the colors, typography, and fonts will certainly be replaced by something else.

This is actually a major difference with PDF documents because PDF has fonts and various other textual content features integrated with them, which can make the document larger than the original one. PDF documents are just like a freezeframe of the file with every single feature from print styles to page numbers just as they were upon creating the PDF document.

One good thing is, there are a handful of new ways to try to reduce the size of the PDF documents to smaller or equivalent to a Word doc. One another feature that word doesn’t have is a rotation of the documents with different angles. One reliable tool is Sodapdf.com which rotates the PDF files with different required angles. 

Embedded Features

In some cases, PDF documents can easily be reduced in size directly from the Adobe application,and this will help you to save enough space on the computer.

For instance, if you work with Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, you can easily cut down the size of some of the integrated features in the PDF document by refining the PDF file. You can do this by choosing ‘File’ and then ‘Save as Other -> Optimized PDF.’

If you’ve converted the Word file to a PDF file, it will be worth analyzing if that original Word file is incorporatedinto the new PDF document. This can be done by checking embedded documents. If the Word file is there, that might show you the reason why the PDF document size is larger than you would have assumed.

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