A Guide To Enhancing Your Sexual Energy

Sunni Joy is a Tantric Energy Healer and self-described Sacred Sex Goddess.

Many people may be shocked to learn that an intense climax can be experienced without the necessity of even going near your physical erogenous zones. This bliss is felt when indulging in the cleansing and awakening pleasure of an energy orgasm. Those who have learned to indulge in this orgasmic, meditative state have gone so far as to claim it has helped them to overcome past traumas.

The tantric energy healer, Sunni Joy, understands that energy orgasms can leave you with a sense of arousal that can enrich other areas of your life. Sunni Joy has provided her insight into the ways in which you can strive to enhance your sexual energy, and the benefits you will find in doing so – in both your sex life and your regular day-to-day:

The Importance Of Alignment

At our center is a place of exquisite alignment. When you align your mind, body and spirit with your sexuality, you are pulled to that center. This helps you to connect with yourself, ultimately giving you the opportunity to be at peace with your sexuality, and how you connect with it and other people.

Broaden Your Mind

Enhancing your sexual energy with an energy orgasm requires you to truly ‘let go’ of your mind and allow the orgasmic energy to flow through you. This is a feeling that most people struggle to allow themselves to experience unless engaging in some form of physical stimulation. This is often because they’re simply unaware of the possibility to connect with this energy without the need for direct physical contact. Understanding that this is possible immediately makes the prospect much more achievable. Believing that you can do this is key.

First, it’s important to note that everybody is different. The advice here is personal to me, and while certain things – like lighting candles and picturing cosmic imagery – may work for some, it’s important to focus on what works for you, and broadening your mind to the incredible and extensive possibilities that it’s capable of. From there you can discover exactly what helps you to align your spirituality and your sexuality in the best possible way.

Love Yourself

Once I’ve set the mood with some candles or incense and soft music, I get into a comfortable position and start with some deep, cleansing breaths. I focus on my breath and feel myself becoming lighter as my breath moves through my body. Through this, I feel energy moving from my root chakra to every cell in my body. This deep breathing helps to create a meditative, open and receptive state. I then seamlessly move into circular breathing, where I leave no pause between exhaling and inhaling. 

It’s essential to think loving thoughts about yourself. These thoughts can manifest in any way that feels right for you. I also love to visualize cosmic imagery. I find it so pleasurable to feel at one with the stars. Or you can try becoming one with the vibration of the music. As it feels natural, transition into other erotic thoughts that turn you on. 

Prepare For The Release

Many people find the lotus position appropriate when engaging in an energy orgasm, but ultimately you can be in any position that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. While lying down may feel more natural, try sitting up as it gives your body more freedom to follow the rhythm of your breathing. You should allow your spine to undulate in a satisfying, wave-like motion. This will allow pleasure and energy to spread from your genitals throughout your entire body. Experiment with your movements and positions. Let the energy be your guide as it moves through your body.

Although this isn’t a traditional orgasm, you will still be rewarded with intense, orgasmic pleasure. Don’t be afraid to make any sounds or movements that feel natural to you in the moment. Allow yourself to writhe, wiggle and undulate in any way that feels right.

It’s important to remember that this kind of energetic awareness doesn’t just happen overnight. You may strive for an energy orgasm multiple times before you’re able to master it. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Experiment with your positions and movements, and don’t be afraid to explore your own mind. Perhaps set aside 10 to 20 minutes a day to practice and see how quickly you see results.

Healing Trauma

There’s a sense of victimhood that comes with sexual trauma, where you feel as though your body is not your own. When you connect your mind, body and spirit together with your sexuality, you regain your personal power over your body. Energy orgasms are a great way to feel at peace with your movements in the world, as well as your sexuality. 

Alignment of your spirituality and sexuality through these means allows you to let go of any shame, guilt and victimhood you may have been carrying around with you. Once you have this personal power, you will find that your life and your sexuality are back in your complete control.

Day-To-Day Benefits

On a day-to-day basis, you will feel a great deal more confidence and much more comfortable in your own skin. Your creativity will blossom and this new mindset will attract people who vibrate on that same frequency. People who are comfortable with themselves want to connect with that same energy.

When you’re truly connected to your sexual energy, it will be like a magical power. You can tell it what you want it to do, and it does it. In this way, it can help with anything that ails you. Believing in this energy will help you to believe in yourself, and clarify your vision of what you’d like to create and experience on your life’s journey. 

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