Advantages of Carports Over Garages

Advantages of Carports Over Garages

There are many hidden benefits of adding a carport to your house. Not only does it add value to your living space, but it is super portable as well. However, before we share how carports are a better option than building a garage, let’s talk about the general pros of owning a carport:

  •  A carport protects your vehicle from hail, snow, rain, and heat.
  • It not only works great but looks great too. From modern looks to more traditional options, carports are available in various designs. All you have to do is choose the one that complements your home and get it installed.
  • Carports save you from the stress of opening doors to get your car in and out.
  • From RVs to boats, vehicles, bikes, and trucks, a carport can shelter every type of vehicle.
  • They eliminate the need to build separate storage units.
  • They feature a simple, sleek, minimalistic design, which makes it the perfect spot to hold your BBQ party.

How are Carports Better than Garages

If you aren’t sure whether to install a carport or build an enclosed garage, here are the reasons why a carport is a more practical and perfect option for you:

They are Less Expensive

The number one benefit of a carport is that they are cheap.

A carport is a quick and cheap alternative to shelter your car if you don’t have space, time, or money to build a garage. Building a carport is three times less expensive than a garage as it requires less labour and fewer materials. Additionally, carports take a relatively short time to build. All you have to do is get one built from companies like Fair Dinkum Builds—or any other installed.

The average cost of a carport is around $4000 to $5000, which is significantly lower than setting up your own garage.

Protection Against Vandalism and Theft

People think that parking their car in a garage increases protection. However, that’s not true because burglars are less likely to intrude on a carport close to your home. Having a carport means you can keep a close look on your vehicle – all the time.

They are Portable

Carports are super portable. If your carport isn’t attached to your home, you can freely move it around the empty spaces.


A carport can serve as an instant entertainment area. You can use it as a picnic shelter or a shaded area for your dog. If you are hosting a party at your place, you can decorate it and play truth and dare under the shades.

Faster to Build

Constructing and Installing a carport in your yard is a two-day job. Unlike building a garage, a carport doesn’t require you to hire a contractor to help plan the process.

Final Thoughts

Carports add value to your living space because they give the buyers space to park their vehicle on the grounds rather than the street. They are super portable and have all the potential to be an entertainment spot. Most importantly, they are two to three times cheaper than a garage. They offer everything that a garage has to offer, but at a good price.

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