An annual checkup by a physical therapist helps to lead a pain-free life

The body undergoes enormous stress, and it is true for everyone – from the aspiring sportsman to the computer buffs who stay glued to the screen throughout the day. The same happens whether you are a recliner addict or spend long hours doing hard workouts.  Body impairments are normal that lead to discomfort and pain, which can even turn chronic, restrict movements and mobility, and affect your normal life. To eliminate pain without surgery, visit PhyxMe, a physical therapy clinic for the treatment of all kinds of pain and injury to lead a normal life once again.

To address specific impairments of your body, consult an experienced and reliable physical therapist who can cure the pain condition and suggest ways of preventing its recurrence.  It might appear that you must consult a physical therapist only when you are in pain or distress, which is only partially true because the best option is to consult a physical therapist to prevent injury and pain and lead a healthy life.

Prevention is better than cure

As people are now more health-conscious, they realize the importance of health checkups that are expanding in scope and includes annual extensive physical checkup for the body. In addition to the annual checkup by a physician to determine the various clinical parameters of the body as well as the functionality of the systemic organs, people are also undertaking dental checkups as well as physical health checkup by a physical therapist to detect any abnormality with the body movements that can cause pain.

Physical therapists do an assessment

Good health comprises satisfactory functioning of the systemic organs while maintaining a full range of movements and mobility by overcoming the factors of aging and stress. The physician can assess only the systemic part, but a physical therapist can assess the movement patterns to determine the level of fitness and suggest appropriate therapy for improvement. Physical therapists observe you perform functional activities from the perspective of biomechanics and determine the risk level for causing degenerative changes to your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It constitutes a thorough assessment and in-depth evaluation of how your musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems are performing. 

No referrals required

Most people delay the visit to a physical therapist because they assume that it needs a physician’s reference to confirm the need for physical therapy. This is a mistake because you do not need any referral to visit a physical therapist. You can approach the physical therapist directly as most states grant direct access for evaluation. Consulting the physical therapist as early as possible is always beneficial because what transforms into chronic muscular conditions are mostly preventable if addressed earlier, which is the observation of practicing physical therapists.

 Most of the degenerative muscular conditions are avoidable through an annual checkup by a physical therapist. It should be a part of your annual health checkup plan. Even if you do not have pain today, it might happen later if you overlook the underlying conditions that can aggravate someday. Now, the focus of physical therapy is more on pre-rehabilitation that helps to function better, move better, and perform better. 

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