Anal Itching: Why Your Choice of Underwear Matters

Anal Itching 5 Reasons why your Choice of Underwear Matters

If there’s one thing that people who have had persistent, intermittent anal itching can agree on in unison is how embarrassing this condition is. One of the ways manage anal itching is to mind your choice of underwear. If you are wondering what your underwear has to do with anal itching, here’s how your choice of underwear affects your anal health:

Super-tight underwear causes ingrown hairs

Underwear that’s too tight can cause an uncomfortable amount of friction that leads to mild irritation at best and ingrown hairs at worst. Ingrown hairs will keep you scratching every now and then, predisposing you to very embarrassing situations. Besides causing ingrown hairs, super-tight underwear sets the condition right for bacteria growth and yeast infection as it allows for heat and moisture to build up in the vaginal and anal areas. 

Synthetic and non-breathable fabrics can trap moisture

Keeping the anal area dry is one of the ways that can help alleviate anal itching. Underwear made of synthetic and non-breathable fabrics such as nylon, Lycra, and polyester are a wrong choice when suffering from anal itching as they trap moisture and put you at a risk of bacterial and yeast infections. So, no matter how pretty they may look, such underwear shouldn’t be worn, unless if they are meant to be taken off very quickly. The best fabrics to wear when managing anal itching is wearing breathable underwear, such as those made using 100% cotton. Pranicura is helping to find the permanent solution for Itching.

Tight shapewear can stifle food digestion 

Wearing tight, high-waisted shapewear for too long also presents a number of problems. One of the problems is that it can compress your stomach, intestines colon, thus stifle food digestion and cause bloating and gas. Another possibility is the risk of erosive esophogitis and incontinence. Health experts also say that tight shapewear can cause UTIs, though indirectly. When wearing shapewear, women tend to hold in urine more than they should, which predisposes them to the risk of UTI.

Thongs can spread E.coli bacteria

For women who love wearing thongs, they may realize that those little pieces of undergarments can contribute a lot to their anal itching. If you are already prone to UTI’s, yeast infections etc, wearing thongs can only exacerbate your problems. It is, therefore, advisable to ditch thongs at the time you are trying to heal an itchy anus.

Wet underwear worsens anal itching

You’ve already known that sitting around in wet, sweaty underwear worsens anal itching. This is because moisture and wetness are breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. So, if you are prone to sweating a lot, it’s advisable that you change you change your underwear more frequently. Moreover, you should change your underwear as soon as you have finished exercising, or after hitting the gym or after going for a long walk. 

Going commando could rub your anal area the wrong way

The importance of letting the anal area breathe at a time you are experiencing anal itching cannot be overlooked. That’s why you have to wear breathable fabrics such as 100 percent cotton. While it’s okay to sleep without underwear at night, it’s not advisable to go commando during the day. This is because the seam of your pants can rub the anal area and eventually cause more irritation. 

The reason why you may be having persistent anal itching may be your wrong choice of underwear. Replacing your tight, non-breathable underwear with loose-fitting and breathable underwear might be just what you need to eradicate your anal itching problem for good. While at it, be sure to seek medical help so that the root cause of your problem can be determined and so that the proper treatment can be provided.