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If you’re looking for love and have a preference for Asian women, then the chances are high that you will be looking for a really good online dating site. There are a surprising number around, but each has a slightly different target audience, including if you are an American man looking for an Asian-American woman, or if you are looking for an Asian woman who isn’t living in America. 

One of the things to look out for before you sign up to a dating site is the reviews. How many people have complained about site, what sort of complaints are people making – particularly if there are a number of complaints from women about the behavior of potential dates. A complain that they haven’t made a match might not be relevant to you, but positive feedback about basic etiquette being enforced if more likely to attract women to sign up, which is what you want. 

One of the more popular sites, Asian Dating, has a very good overview on, which can give you an idea of what you would be signing up for, and what things you should be aware of if you choose to sign up for the site. 

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Setting Up Your Profile

This is a pretty basic thing that you will be doing on any site, but surprisingly so many don’t do it well. Be honest, obviously, but you don’t need to actually do a full show and tell. You don’t need to put any personal contact details on your profile, in fact, you really shouldn’t be sharing any contact details until way down the track of getting to know someone. 

It may seem obvious, yet it happens with far too much regularity, but don’t post nudes up on your profile. The exception to this is if you are specifically on a site where this is the norm, generally a hook up place or niche market for kink, for the vast majority of dating options, this is a no-no. 

Do include useful details about your interests, likes, dislikes and what you are looking for. However, don’t create a full checklist of traits you are looking for in a partner. Also, you are writing something to attract a human being to be interested in what you have to say, you are not writing a job application, you do not need to do a full chronological data sheet of your experiences. 

Choosing A Picture

Keep it honest, relatively current, and clean. You don’t need to have a full front profile if you are a little uncomfortable about being easily recognized in the street, but you shouldn’t have a completely obscured image either. You may have been told that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and while that is mostly true, in relationships physical appearance does matter. However, the mistake people often make is thinking that their appearance is either too appealing or not appealing enough. You don’t know what someone else will find attractive, it may be you, it may not be you. Don’t waste your time by putting up an image that doesn’t reflect the real you. 

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Making First Contact

This can actually be a little tricky depending on which site you are using and what level of membership you have. Some sites only allow certain types of contact (e.g. instant messaging) if you have a premium tier account, while others don’t allow free members to make first contact at all. 

First impressions count, and you do that the chance to sit and think about what you are about to say, so take the time to try and make a good first impression. However, you also don’t want to come across as completely contrived. Something simple is perfectly acceptable, if you have grabbed their attention, they will look at your profile to find out more about you before they reply. 

If you are male sending a message to a woman, try to avoid cliché’s like “you have beautiful eyes”, if you want to make a comment on her appearance, try complimenting her on something she has control over. 

Bear in mind that not everyone has internet access 24/7 so you should allow up to 48 hours for someone to respond. Although, it is politeness to respond within 24 hours of receiving a message, so if you have been offline and come back to an older message, respond with an apology. 

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When you’re not interested in a person, just say thanks for the contact, but you don’t think you’d be compatible. If you are the person on the receiving end of a rejection, no matter how nicely put, it can be upsetting, however, you are on a dating site. The whole point is to try and find a person who wants to be in a relationship with you, whom you would be happy with. 

Try not to be offended if you don’t appear to have been a hit with someone, there are literally hundreds of other people just waiting for you to contact them. If you find that you’re getting a lot of rejections but not many people want to talk with you, maybe ask a friend what you’re doing wrong. Often it is people who come across too “strong” that scare away potential dates, but it is also possible that you have something unusual happening in your profile that you haven’t noticed.