Attracting new clients: what’s the secret?

Any business owner knows that attracting and maintaining a good customer base is essential for keeping your company running. With 20% of small businesses failing within their first year and 50% failing within their first five years, new business owners and entrepreneurs are under pressure to attract new clients and keep revenue coming in. 

Attracting new clients is also a key part of any business’ growth strategy. If you hope to increase profits and expand on your offering, you need to find ways of bringing in more customers.

How you achieve this does depend on your target market as well as the industry you are operating in. 

Promotional offers


Promotional offers are one of the top ways in which successful business attract customers. Almost industry uses this tactic to draw in new custoemrs, which means that these businesses are being increasingly generous and inventive with the offers they give to prospective customers.

One common example of the offers available to new customers are signup bonuses. In the iGaming industry, many online casinos offer a generous signup bonus where new players get a $20 free bonus on creating an 888 account, when they make their first deposit the customer will receive up to $500 as a welcome bonus.

They are able to attract new customers through incentivizing specific actions. It is then hoped that once the new player has seen what the site has for them to enjoy, they will continue to play games, even after the original promotion has expired.

Retargeting previous customers

While not technically ‘new’, previous customers who no longer pay for your products or services can be a valuable source of income if you are able to bring them back.

As many industries are so competitive, it is common for players to sign up to new sites and stop playing on previous sites if persuaded by a new game or promotional offer. For this reason, the most successful businesses will often carry out retargeting campaigns.

These campaigns are often in the form of marketing emails. They have the emails of customers who have signed up but haven’t used their services in a while and are able to send personalized emails about discounts and new product releases.

Retargeting campaigns may also utilize social media advertising and through using website analytics and tracking such as a Facebook Pixel, they are able to ensure advertisements reach their desired audience.

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Messaging such as “we miss you…” and “we haven’t seen you in a while” is simple but can be effective in re-engaging previous customers who may have lost interest or forgotten about you. 

Updating and refreshing your website

Another way of attracting new customers is by updating your website. While this is particularly important to online businesses, even offline businesses can benefit from ensuring their location details and product information is up-to-date.

In terms of website design, for most businesses in this day and age, it is essential that graphics are eye catching and that site speeds are fast. If a prospective player clicks on a product and cannot load it quickly they are likely to lose interest and shop elsewhere.

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These days, it is particularly important that your site is optimized for mobiles and tablet displays, as this is how most of your customers will access it.

You should also look at how potential users will find your website. This is where a good search engine optimization strategy and search engine marketing comes into play. 

Many small business owners do not have the time or the correct technical knowledge for carrying out these updates, however hiring an agency or contractor to do the work may be cost-effective in the long term.

Most importantly: Identify your target market

It is little use putting together a strategy for attracting new clients if you don’t have a good picture of who those clients should be. Without doing this research you run the risk of your marketing efforts being costly and ineffective.

For instance, there is little use in running a social media campaign, if your product or service is aimed at the over 65s who are the least likely to engage in social networking activity. By understanding who you need to target, you can find the most effective methods for doing so.