Basic Home Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

There is no secure feeling quite like owning your own home and getting a foot on the property ladder is a significant life achievement. While it is incredibly exciting and the start of a new chapter in your life, it can also be daunting because you have a lot more responsibility. You can no longer simply call your landlord if you have an issue, which means that you need to know essential home maintenance. This is a skill that is developed over time, but there are a few essential tips that will help you to maintain the home and build your confidence.

Buy A Toolkit

Every homeowner needs a good toolkit, and you will certainly want the right tools handy in an emergency, plus you won’t always want to be pestering your parents or a neighbor to borrow their kit. An essential toolkit with quality tools will last you a lifetime, and you will be amazed at just how much usage you get out of it, so it is a good investment.

Prepare for Each Season

It is essential to be aware that each season brings different challenges and issues in the home, so knowing what you need to do for each season is vital for keeping the home in good condition. Fortunately, there are lots of excellent guides online which will show you exactly what you need to be doing and what potential issues you need to look out for at each time of the year.

Locate the Stopcock & Fusebox

One of the first things to do when you move in is to locate the stopcock and fuse box as you will not want to be running around the house trying to find these in an emergency. Knowing where the stopcock is will allow you to shut off the water supply in an emergency like a broken pipe, which could stop significant water damage. In contrast, the fuse box will allow you to control the electricity and get up and running again in a blackout (unless it is a grid issue).

Have the Number for Key Services

It is also a good idea to find the contact details for essential services so that you can find the best people and contact them immediately in an emergency. This might include storm clean up companies if you live in an area where there are often storms or extreme weather, which will allow you to quickly remove fallen debris and remove any potentially dangerous trees on the property to keep the home and your family safe. 

Do Not Put Off Jobs

It is easy to put off maintenance around the home, but this is a big mistake as putting off tasks can create more significant problems, and the tasks can quickly mount up, which will only make it harder work. Instead, you should tend to job as soon as they crop up to keep the home well maintained, safe, and comfortable at all times.

These essential maintenance tips should help a new homeowner to keep on top of maintenance and develop confidence in their ability to look after the home. It can take some time to get used to it, but home maintenance is an essential part of ownership and all part of the experience.

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