Beating The 3pm Blues at The Office!

By Geeta Chopra

What are the 3:00pm blues?  Ever wonder why is that you get lethargic at that same time every day?  Read this article for insight into this and a permanent solution!

The first step in addressing your energy levels has its roots in identifying your body type.  According to the Ayurvedic tradition, there are three main body types.  These are earth, air, and fire.  

Which one are you?  You can identify this by checking basic traits about yourself.  

The earth (kapha) body type tends be a weightier, strong physique.  This means you retain your calories longer and your body doesn’t burn fat as fast.  As a result, your appetite isn’t always peaked.  When you eat; you get full, and can go long periods of time without eating.  This body type has thick wavy hair, and fully developed features, and high stamina.  Because you hold on, your digestive for needs to be stimulated with igniting spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper.  Due to your body composition, you prefer dryness and eat light dry foods such as kale and apples.  Earth individuals benefit enormously from cardio exercise.

The Air (vata) body type is s smaller physique with thinner straight hair.  You have a larger appetite with higher metabolism.  It may be challenging for you to gain weight.   You are prone to having cold in your body, and as a result you may tend to feel colder than others.  Your digestive system needs to be stimulated.  As a result of your dry composition, you crave heavier, full, moist meals.  If you don’t add healthy fats and oils to your meals, you may feel incomplete.  You also benefit from having warm garlicy stews to nourish the dryness and balance the quick assimilation.  Warm milk with saffron is very ground and warming for this body type.  Air individuals benefit tremendously from sitting still and mediating.

The Fire (pita) body type has the strongest digestion of the three body types.  This individual digest everything rapidly and seldom has stomach complaints. However, you are at risk from burn out and inflammation.  This body type will be balanced with cooling foods such as squash, sweet potatoes, avocado’s, and warm milk.  You are usually well built, and could have straight or curly hair.  You are prone to being hotter than others.  Due to your digestive process functioning efficiently, its best to avoid spicy food.  These individuals benefit best from yoga as it’s a mix of cardio and cooling off stretching exercises.

So, what about the 3pm blues?  If you are air, you want to have something to stimulate your gut; to wake up your digestive fir e- which is the root of your energy.  A decaffeinated tea with cinnamon, ginger, and honey could be perfect.  Or a protein shake.  For earth individuals, try a spicy snack, like chili seaweed.  This will ignite your GI tract and also flush out all mucus.  If you are fire, you might do some light stretching, and have some Aloe Vera as a snack.

Happy 3:00pm!

Geeta Chopra is the television host of ‘The Geeta Chopra Show.’  She is a health and wellness coach who helps people heal from their root. She has authored two books, and gives talks on the subject matter.  The approach she uses is influenced by Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. 

She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree from George Washington University. She is also the owner of a real estate development company. Follow her on YouTube to watch her latest TV episodes on various natural healing modalities including gut health, pranayama, the mind-body connection, organ detoxification, rejuvenation, and much more. Her book, “To Every Gastroenterologist in America: What You Didn’t Learn and Med School and to Every Patient Who Becomes Their Victim,” is launching in 2020. Follow her on YouTube to get a free copy. Be the best version of yourself!