Benefits of computer based pre-employment technical tests


Online assessments opt for assessments online. On the other spectrum computer based assessment tests offer numerous benefits to the learning programs. Let us now outline some of the major benefits

In any educational program there are a lot of things to admire about online learning. Assessment does not fit into that category. There does pose to be a concern about integrity and validity of an online assessment test.  Though such tests provide a lot of benefits to the administrators, here we are going to discuss the value additions of computer based technical tests.

Learners can administer reliable and short assessments in the course of an e learning program. This can be correlated with the regional or national standards which means as a learner you can measured on those standards. The data collected over a period of time can be put to use by instructors or online programs to figure out trends for program improvement.

A lot of work evolves in pre – employment testing protocol. It is one of the progressive and even predictive means of determining success in a given field of work.  But if you go on to incorporate technical tests as part of your hiring process what would it mean for the business. Let us now explore some of the benefits you can expect from pre-employment testing.

Higher productivity

When you are hiring employees you rely on objective data to make smart decisions. This would enable you to make the correct choice. From the data obtained you can easily outline candidates who are likely to perform well in a given job at a certain time. It calls for tangible improvements in the productiveness and efficiency of the employees. This can be achieved by providing pre-determined metrics paving way for success. With the help of cognitive tests it is easy to determine whether a candidate is capable to perform a given job. On the other side of the coin personality tests will help you to outline whether they are comfortable in the given role or not.

Employees can once again return to the testing module on how a person will be best suited for a given position and how he can go on to contribute towards the goals of an organization. No way denying the fact that a productive employees contributes to productive business and data supports this fact. As per research reports it was found out that people who did go on to pass aptitude tests were found to be generally 20 % more productive in their jobs as compared to people who did not pass the test.

Increase in employee retention

For a lot of employees reducing turnover ratio poses to be a major challenge. If the turnover is on the higher sides it would mean usage of a lot of resources and even time to fill up the new positions. In fact even hiring of new employees poses to be a unique challenge of sorts. A study conducted reveals that the cost of replacing an entry level employee pegs at 16 % of their annual salary and as you move up the pay scale the percentage increases. For example someone who has the passion and personality for a given job is less likely to leave the job in a voluntarily or involuntarily manner. If you are able to hire the right person at the right time you are going to trim down your costs on hiring and training. Lower turnover can have positive impact on the employees and even reputation of a company increases. In a candidate driven market this makes the business a lot more attractive to the applicants.

Hiring process goes on to become a lot more efficient

Time is a valuable resource and you can compare it with money. Each and every minute that you spend in scrolling through the resumes, scheduling interview of candidates and even collecting feedback is a lost minute which is virtually hard to regain back. Let’s us illustrate this with an example. On an average for a single job posting there are around 250 job candidates. With the emergence of the internet it has become easy for the candidates to apply for jobs in less time. This does go on to increase the applicants you are going to avail for each job posting but all of them are not going to point to better quality. It virtually means to locate a qualified candidate like finding a needle in a haystack. With the help of pre- employment technical tests you can streamline the hiring process. All the more better if you use this process towards the early phase of testing. By following this approach you can identify which are the candidates you need to be spending on time first. The process of identifying the high quality candidates at first itself speaks for the efficiency of the process itself.

A legal angel is provided

A lot of times the question pops out about the legal aspect of pre-employment technical tests. Yes organizations can take solace from the fact that when used in a right manner would bring about a legal perspective to the process of hiring.

To conclude pre-employment screening tests are the future of organizations. Into the process of hiring an element of objectivity is introduced by formulating a concrete process that is standardized across all levels. As an employer, you can work on this data to take proper decisions, and all the more so for companies, which resort to these test mechanisms can derive tangible effects on their business. One of the common complaints which most organizations report is that they spend a lot more time on the process of hiring than what is required and at the same time they commit silly mistakes during the hiring process. With the aid of pre-employment technical hiring process you can cut down the time and money as part of the hiring process. In hindsight you are able to select the best candidate for the job as well.