Benefits of Lecithin and Everything You Need to Know

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Lecithin is a fatty substance that’s usually found in animal and plant tissues. They are essential for the body to function correctly, and they can be found in your diet or supplements.

Most of the commercial forms of lecithin are used to prepare medications, cosmetics, and food for extended shelf life. Others like lecithin or lecitina can come in the form of powder so you can sprinkle it on your food and live a healthier lifestyle. Some can help clean the veins, dissolve fats, and improve the body’s ability to detoxify. 

The supplements can help people with higher cholesterol, and doctors may prescribe this to treat ulcerative colitis and aid breastfeeding. 

Types to Know About

The supplements are derived from soybeans, eggs, and sunflower seeds. Nowadays, soy is one of the most common ingredients in creating a supplement. Sometimes, the manufacturers may use corn, fish, and animal fats.

While the soybean may come in capsule forms, others are packaged in their liquid and powdered form too. The sunflower varieties are not as common as the others, but many prefer this because they want to avoid consuming genetically modified organisms or GMOs into their bodies.

Know that soybeans may be genetically modified, especially if they will be mass-produced, but sunflowers are not undergoing this process. The extraction of sunflowers is also gentler. Extracting lecithin from sunflower seeds doesn’t require any harmful chemicals as well, so it’s healthier for the body. 

Benefits to Know About

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Lower the Cholesterol Levels

One of the more popular benefits of lecithin is its ability to lower LDL cholesterol. Some scientists have discovered that soybean can increase good cholesterol like HDL while significantly decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. Most of the proteins may provide an extra boost for people because of the various components in the soy. More information about the soybeans can be found in this link here.

Improve your Heart Health

Lecithin that came from soybeans can significantly improve the health of the cardiovascular system. This is beneficial for people who have problems with their heart health and who are prone to high blood pressure and any other related diseases. According to a small scientific study where participants received lecithin additives on soy products, it was found out that this essential fat in the cells can help with the heart. 

Another thing is that since soy is not easily digestible, the body will take longer before breaking it down. For many people who combat obesity, this will work well because they will feel full for a long time after consuming the soy.

Aid in Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may come naturally to some mothers, but many women may have trouble producing milk. Many of the experts may recommend lecithin as a solution for plugged ducts. In fact, the Canadian Breastfeeding Association has recommended lecithin to be taken four times a day at a dose of 1,200 mg so they can experience the full benefits.

Some studies have concluded that lecithin can decrease the breastmilk’s viscosity, and they are going to have a lesser chance of clogging your milk ducts. Know about the other uses of lecithin on this page: However, this is not an actual treatment for the plugged ducts. You can try to do the following if you notice that your ducts are plugged:

  • More pumping
  • Draining the breast
  • Massage
  • Warm compress application
  • Seeing a lactation consultant
  • Report any fever you may be experiencing to your physician

Improve Digestion

Lecithin is known to improve the condition of people with ulcerative colitis. It has emulsifying qualities that contribute to the mucus in the intestine, which makes digestion easier. If you have the condition of ulcerative colitis, the supplements can still benefit you, especially if you have irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions that make eating or bowel movement painful and difficult.

Fight Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Lecithin may contain choline, and this is one of the primary chemicals that the brain uses to communicate. Studies show that the more choline you have in your body, the sharper your memory will be, and this can definitely help people fight Alzheimer’s or dementia. Some of the lipid substances containing choline can also improve the functional pathways found in the brain.

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