Benefits of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps by Vooner

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There are different vacuum pumps used in various industries. These devices are used to extract a certain fluid out of a system and create a vacuum system. Liquid Ring pumps have been used in many industries and are becoming more and more popular.

Analyzing the different types of pumps makes it easily noticeable that the liquid ring one is quite similar to the rotary vane pump working principle wise. These devices are mainly used for pharmaceutical, food production, or water remediation purposes. This is because the devices are quite efficient when it comes to vapor recovery.

All in all, there are two types of this device, including the single and two-stage liquid ring pump. The difference between the two is based on the efficiency of the device. The single-stage one is sucking a fluid and then, with compression releasing it into the atmosphere.

The second type operates in series and has a higher efficiency when it comes to vacuum levels. Defining your needs will help you decide which type of pump you need. To continue your reading about this topic, follow the link


Before we get into the benefits of these devices, we need to take a step back and look into their origins first. In the distant 13th century, the first suction pump appeared on the market. It was, of course, less sophisticated, less efficient, and larger than the one we know today.

In Europe, it wasn’t until the 15th century when the suction pump appeared. However, no matter how much they improved, they still couldn’t pull water on certain heights and therefore had limited usage. The famous Galilei was quite intrigued by this device. It draws his attention to why this pump had limited use.

A lot of scientists focused on solving this problem and took up the challenge. Notes building upon notes, and in the 20th century, we got our device in the form we know today. Of course, with the development of technology, these pumps are still evolving and improving every day. Yet, nevertheless, they are quite efficient and sophisticated and have a wide range of usage.  

How does it work?

This pump has an impeller that is positioned between the port plates. The liquid which will be put inside the pump, water, oil, or water-methanol mix, is used to create the necessary vacuum. The impeller starts rotating, thus moving the liquid on the outside and therefore creating void space.

The liquid, whatever it is, when the pump work, forms kind of a ring outside, and there is where this device gets its name from. Responsible for the motion of the liquid is, of course, the centrifugal force. The process is quite simple and includes suction of a fluid, gas, etc., then compression, and the last step is discharging the inputted fluid. What are the advantages of the liquid ring vacuum pump?

Dry pump 

This is maybe one of the biggest advantages of this pump. What does a dry pump mean? A dry pump means that the device doesn’t require lubrication. Lubrication is done with a constant changing of oil every 12 hours, in some cases.

This can be a very tiring job to do, but it is necessary to be done at some machines. Unlike them, the liquid ring vacuum pump doesn’t require lubrication on a regular basis. This is because, in this device, there is no contact between metals. This is quite the advantage when you want your machine to be efficient and not spend too much time on maintenance.

Low maintenance 

Other than the lack of lubrication, these devices are quite easy to maintain. The impeller, the rotating part, is driven by a technology called a liquid ring. Other machines, or mechanical pumps, might need a little bit more maintenance, but not the liquid ring one.

Because of this pump’s design, you won’t need that much maintenance, which will save you both money and time. You will find that Vooner liquid ring pumps and many others are quite practical for using and maintaining.

Different applications 

The design of the pump allows it to be used for different applications. This means that various industries are going to find a good usage of this device. For example, industries that need moisture extraction, distillation, evaporation, vacuum condensation, and mineral beneficiation find these devices quite practical.

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Small, compact, and strong 

As mentioned above, the design of these pumps has been evolving for years. Understandable in the beginning, they weren’t as practical as they are now. They were larger with less quality, which made them less efficient.

Today the pumps we have on the market are small and compact. They don’t take much space and are quite easy to use. Another great feature is that they are made of cast iron, making them even more durable and strong. Depending on the quality you need, you can choose various materials for their design. Different materials mean different durability and strength.

Different fluids 

The thing that makes them have wide usage is their perfect design and their suitability for different fluids. They are specifically designed to withstand a large variety of fluids. This is due to the material that they are made from.

If your industry is dealing with explosive gasses or combustible vapors, nothing to worry about because this pump will withstand it with no problem at all. How can this be? Well, they have isothermal compression, which will ensure the safety of the working process. Read more here.

They are quite practical because you can also change their pressure as you desire. This means that you can pump different fluids, flammable and explosive gasses, with different pressures and not worry at all.


In the end, if you put together the entire list, you can conclude that they are quite economical. They have a single rotating part, which is easy to maintain. They don’t need lubrication. Again, easy to maintain. Plus, if you need to repair or rebuild a particular pump, you will find that it is much easier than the other types of mechanical pumps with an intricate design.