Benefits of Using Bensinkort

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There is no doubt that cars have made lives much easier. Distances that used to take hours on foot are now transited in just a few minutes. That means a lot to those who work on the other side of town, travel a lot, or have any need to get to somewhere fast. Whether due to job or pleasure, it’s clear that the car is not a luxury but a necessity.

You could use the handy payment means instead of cash, and these are fuel cards. You can’t usually use them outside gas stations. Still, whether you need them for private or business purposes, some of the best cards (best drivstoffkort) offer numerous benefits to individual and business users.


Modern people live in an era when they miss time the most. They are often overworked and have too little time for themselves. Then, even some small things like waiting in lines cause them stress. Reputable petrol and oil companies have made an effort to ease this hassle by introducing gas cards.

After refueling the tank, you don’t really have to go to the cash register at all. With the help of the card, the payment is made on machines that are similar to ATMs. The whole process is ready in just a few seconds. That means a lot, especially when you are staring at a meeting or you have to be somewhere at a specific time.

Discounts and Reward Programs

The catch with the fuel card is that the more you spend, the more you earn. For every gas bill you make, regardless of the amount you bought, you are entitled to earn rebates for the next purchases. It might not sound like some significant savings as these are usually discounts of several cents. But when you spend a lot on the fuel, every dime matters.

These discounts can help you reduce your expenses and save you some extra money. Some issuers allow combining discounts that piled up over time. Some other perks include multi-point rebates, loyalty points, cash back, and many more. 

Some issuers also offer discounts on your monthly fees and payments, which can also be beneficial. You can qualify for these if you regularly settle your obligations at the end of a month. It’s something like a reward for your loyalty to a specific oil company.



Most issuers provide bonuses for first-time users. These generally don’t apply to ‘ordinary’ credit cards but only to those issued by oil companies. The point of these bonuses is to lower your first bill or grant a welcome discount in the first few months or for the first few fill-ups. But you can’t withdraw this money at any ATM and spend it somewhere else.

You can use these bonuses at gas stations only, and they vary from issuer to issuer. Their goal is to make you a loyal customer. While it may not be a large sum of money, this sign of attention has a beneficial effect on buyers. Still, you should pay attention to these perks. They are usually specified, i.e., they refer to certain gas stations or types of fuel.

Spending Less Money

To fill up your car tank is not an easy job, especially if you have to do that often. Fuel prices are volatile, and they go up and down following global gas value. When paying in cash, there’s not much room for savings. On the other hand, a gas card allows you to spend less money on petrol.

Another advantage of using a gas card (although many would not think so) is the obligation to pay expenses regularly. Namely, at the end of each month, the cardholder must pay the incurred costs and start the next month without debts. If you look in the long run, that can be a great thing to improve your spotty credit rating.

Once you pay your bill regularly, you are automatically eligible for the benefits of using a gas card. Thus this tag allows you to save money and enjoy various discounts in the upcoming period. On this page, you can find out how regular debt settlements affect you and your finances.

Better Cost and Fuel Usage Control

If you’re a business owner, you can never be certain how much money your drivers have actually spent. That leaves a lot of room for fraud and reckless spending of money. With a paper statement that can be easily lost, you have no proof of suspicious purchases. With a gas card, all transactions are recorded with your creditor. You can check them whenever you want (as the legal entity being a cardholder).

Without real-time GPS tracking, companies with fleets and high fuel expenses have no means of looking at how effectively drivers use fuel. This information is essential to ensuring fleet managers estimate the budget for fuel. Also, they need a track record of gas used to detect any suspicious action or deviations from efficiency standards.

You Have a Wide Choice of Issuers

The significant advantage of gas cards is that you can choose an issuer. You can opt for a bank or gas company. Each of them can offer you different benefits. For example, gas and oil companies provide you with discounts on every purchase to reward your loyalty. Or they can allow you to collect points which you can convert into money. You are free to choose whether you want it as a money-back or cash for buying something else (at partner’s stores or companies).

Banks and credit card companies often do not issue special fuel cards but add these benefits to existing credit cards. For example, when you pay with their card, you can get a better price per gallon of fuel. That can be a good option for those who travel a lot and buy gas often. On the other hand, gas cards are a better solution if you have a problematic credit rating.

Wide Acceptance


With the help of the card, you can make your purchases at any gas station within the state. Even when you’re far away from the town, you can run onto a gas station that accepts this payment method. It’s pretty handy for oil companies, too. They give the cards to the people who have a good income and work in reputed firms.

These cards are available at all gas stations and banks that cooperate with them. You could get them on the spot or fill an online form. In this form, you have to mention the name of the business or the individual for whom the card will be issued. Most issuers offer you to set a monthly limit. That’s another great convenience that can help you control your costs. 

Good Interest Rate

If you have a credit card, you probably know that its monthly maintenance is an inevitable expense. This fee also exists for fuel cards issued by oil companies. And it states for both individual and business users. 

Fuel tags usually have a fixed interest rate, which means your company will save money every month. Also, these payment means generally don’t require security deposits, making them a safe way for small businesses to obtain cash without creating financial risk. 

Increased Safety


Fuel cards are an alternative to paper money that is much safer and more widespread. First, you can never run out of money, except when you reach the limit. Sometimes financial institutions set a limit. Users with a worse credit history cannot get a high limit, so the bank can avoid possible delays or defaults. That’s good because it prevents you from becoming more indebted, overloading your budget, and further spoiling your credit rating.

When you carry a fuel tag instead of cash, you are less susceptible to theft. In case of loss or theft, the matter is quite simple. All you have to do is call the issuer and report the problem. The card becomes inactive after a few minutes, which means that the chance of misuse is minimal.

As you need your car every day, pouring fuel into your vehicle became a daily expense. If you are behind the wheel frequently, you are probably aware of how much gasoline you need. And if you think of the financial aspect, you can easily calculate monthly or annual fuel costs. Fuel cards can be of great help to drivers who are on the road every day to keep track of costs and fuel usage.