Benefits of Using CBD as a Pain Reliever in Various Medical Conditions


Chronic pain is one of the intolerable symptoms of many illnesses in the health sector, and there are billions of people across the globe live in pain. Pain medications are out there including the synthetic painkillers and things like morphine, but all these have significant side effects, which will further make the use of these very unsafe over time. In such a scenario, the proven alternative pain medications like hemp oil are helping a lot of people with arthritis, injury-related, and various other types of chronic pain symptoms.

One major advantage of using natural pain medications like CBD is that it won’t cause any dependency on people as like the general pharmaceutical pain killers. People suffering from chronic pain are always on the lookout for less harmful alternative pain medicines to get a long-term impact. Plant-based treatments like frankincense or turmeric have already been used as natural pain therapies. The use of cannabidiol in treatments has centuries-long tradition. However, it is only recently that the formal medical sector acknowledged to its impact in treating pain and researches have been conducted to testify its efficacy. 

Hemp oil or CBD oil is extracted from the plant named Cannabis Sativa, which is a bit taller version of the Cannabis Indica which contains a larger amount of CBD with no trace of any psychoactive compounds like THC. The hemp plants are now grown commercially to take its extract for medical purposes. This plant grows very fast by making it a more sustainable and eco-friendlier alternative.

The effects of CBD in reducing pain

Until recent times, medical science knew only very little about the endocannabinoid system of the human body and the effect of CBD and THC on it. Now, it is known that there are two receptors which effectively interact with the cannabis compounds. THC usually gets attached to the CB1 receptor which generates euphoric feeling, which is the ‘high’ which marijuana is famous for. On the other hand, CBD has no psychoactive effect, which basically attaches to the CB2 receptors to and counteract the CB1 effects to assist the body system in managing pain effectively.

While used in pain relief treatment, CBD shows a very powerful effect in neuropathic pain or pain related to the nerves due to the injury of peripheral nerves or other similar reasons. CBD activates many pathways of CB2 receptors to help ease the pain, and it is further expected to go a long way in managing the chronic conditions like MS, diabetes mellitus, and fibromyalgia, etc. in the coming times.

Many types of research conducted on the impact of CBD suggest that it can ease the pain by also engaging the glycerin receptors, which form part of the CNS (central nervous system), located at various parts of the spinal column and brain cord. If someone experiences chronic pain, then the inflammatory factors may tend to disable such receptors and thus lead to a higher sense of pain, which can be reactivated with the help of compounds like Rena’s Organic – CBD Pain Reliever.

Benefits of CBD in managing chronic pain syndrome

FDA now considers the use of cannabis in various medical treatments. As we can see, vaping and smoking of cannabis have now become more and more popular. Here, we will discuss some CBD oil benefits which makes it a reliable choice in pain relief.

Muscle relaxant

Muscle movements become much easier as the muscles relax. This is very important in people experiencing chronic pain. The activities like exercise or yoga may be painful in those who are suffering from chronic pain, but CBD can help improve the mobility of muscles and help build the damaged muscles.  For anyone who is weary of pain generated through exertion, usage of CBD is recommended before or after workouts along with enough warming up. In people with conditions like ankylosing spondylitis, usage of CBD will help to slow down the arthritic progression and thereby enable them to move freely.

Decreases pain sensitivity

In patients with conditions like fibromyalgia, extensive and chronic pain usually results in dysfunction of the CNS. This lowered pain threshold is usually the effect of the deficient endocannabinoid system, which is our body’s pain management system. This further ends up in pain hypersensitivity, sleep disorders, mood challenges, etc. However, effective CBD treatments can help reduce pain sensitivity and improve the quality of sleep and alleviate chronic pain syndromes.

Correct sleep disorders

Those who are suffering from sleep disorders may experience more significantly increased pain symptoms. With less sleep, the body is unable to cope up with the natural healing process and alleviate the pain effects caused by conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle sprain, or other causes of chronic pain. Chronic pain will keep our nerves fully engaged, and it will ultimately make it difficult to relax at all. However, CBD has proven neuroprotective properties, which will help relax the nerves to rest and improve the quality of sleep.

Fight depression

Depression is also a very common side effect of chronic pain. Drop in sleep, and not relaxation will ultimately make it impossible for individuals to work or walk in the morning, which will further have a devastating impact on their work and family life. In addition, to help curb the pain, CBD will also help to trigger the release of the happy hormones like serotonin, which will contribute to lower the depression and make individuals more relaxed and happier.

Alleviate the classic ‘Fear of Touch’

It is noted with people who live in chronic pain that any sort of body contact may cause intense pain, which further lead them to avoid any sort of contacts. If such conditions are left unattended, these may turn into serious impairment in social and family life. CBD is perfect in pain relief by working directly on the central nervous system to block the pain feeling and encourage positive feelings with the release of happy chemicals by working on the CB2 receptors. Starting on CBD, one may be more receptive to touch with lesser experiences of pain, which can create an overall positive impact.

Some other benefits of CBD in overall pain management and improving the quality of life including but not limited to being non-psychotropic, helping with post-traumatic stress disorder, controlling neuropathic pain, and also its anti-inflammatory properties.


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