Best Advice for First-Time Cat Owners

Best Advice for First-Time Cat Owners

Deciding to add a new feline friend to your home is not an easy decision, but it’s one that you will not regret. Don’t let this be an overwhelming time—instead, prepare! Continue reading below for the best advice for first-time cat owners.

See a Vet Regularly

Making appointments to visit your veterinarian regularly is an important aspect of being a pet owner. Not only does it allow for you to make sure that your cat is in tip-top shape, but it’s also important to be proactive by getting all necessary shots and health screenings.

With this being an important part of being a cat owner, picking the right veterinarian will be key to providing the best care possible for your pet.

Keep the Litter Box Clean

Due to the job of a litter box, germs can spread around your home if it is not kept up with. A dirty litter box could, unfortunately, result in the cat defecating in other places around the house. Obviously, this is not what a new cat owner wants. To ensure this is not the case, make sure to pick up the cat feces every day and change the litter once a week.

While this isn’t the most fun part job of being a cat owner, it is important!

Pay Attention To Your Cat

While cats can seem like they are independent and lonely individuals, it is important to pay attention to them. Give them all of the love!

A Scratching Post Is a Must

Don’t let your cat ruin your furniture! Instead, given them a scratching post to allow them to scratch their claws on the rough surface. All you have to do is make sure that the scratching post is the right size for your cat; also, place catnip on and around the post to entice your cat to use it.

These three tips will make the transition to pet parenthood an easy one. Don’t let the negatives outweigh the positives. Be proactive and follow this advice for first-time cat owners.

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