Best and Brightest of the NFL

Having just celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019, the NFL has seen some of the world’s best sporting superstars pass through its ranks over the years, from San Francisco 49ers’ Joe Montana and Cleveland Browns’ Jim Brown to Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. 

We check out the talent scorecard on some of the best and brightest of the National Football League today, as the NFL looks forward to its next 100 years.

Lamar Jackson

Quarterback, Baltimore Ravens

2019/2020 has certainly been Jackson’s year, having been named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the NFL. He is only the second-ever player to receive a unanimous nomination and the fourth African American quarterback to be named MVP. Still only 23, 2019 was his first full year as a starter for the Ravens, having only made his NFL debut in 2018 as a replacement for injured quarterback, Joe Flacco. Jackson’s skills as a runner are legendary, but he also has a double whammy in being an insane thrower, making him the NFL star to really keep your eyes on. 

Aaron Donald

Defensive Tackle, Los Angeles Rams

Donald was recognised as an outstanding talent while playing football at the University of Pittsburgh and was drafted into the Rams back in 2014. Six years into his professional career he has twice in straight succession been named NFL Defensive Player of the Year and is widely recognised as one of the best interior defensive linemen of all time. In 2020 he was ranked third in the top 100 NFL players and is held in high esteem for his sheer agility and tenacity in the face of strong opposition. 

Russell Wilson

Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks

Currently ranking second in the National Football League for his touchdown rate, Wilson continues to be a force to be reckoned with and has been one of the most consistent players since he entered the NFL back in 2012. He is the player to always shine out on the field, no matter how good or bad his team is playing and having never achieved MVP status, money is on him finally scooping the title this year.  Wilson is also an exceptional sporting talent, having already had an early professional baseball career before founding his mojo in the NFL and, at 5 ft 11, was the shortest quarterback to win the Super Bowl, back in 2013.

Patrick Mahomes

Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

No best and brightest list would be complete without the NFL powerhouse that is Mahomes. His last two seasons have been phenomenal, having only started his first full season in 2017, with the 2019/2020 playoffs seeing Mahomes and the Chiefs scooping the Super Bowl. He received the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player for his efforts and has also been awarded the NFL’s own MVP award.  His sporting abilities are obviously in the genes as his father, Pat Mahomes, is a former Major League Baseball pitcher but, in the NFL, totally Mahomes owns his talent. Now that is worth placing a lucky sports bet on!

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