Best Attachments To Get for Your Skid Steer

A yellow skid steer loader with a bucket attachment. It’s moving the dirt around to help flatten a construction area.

In the dynamic world of construction and landscaping, versatility and efficiency determine success. A skid steer is one of the most versatile and helpful pieces of equipment for nearly any job. However, to truly take advantage of what this machine has to offer, you may want to invest in a few accessories. Here are some of the best attachments for your skid steer and how they can make light work of the toughest tasks.


Buckets remain the most common and vital attachment because they can handle a wide range of tasks, such as earthmoving and material handling. However, not all buckets serve the same purpose, and you’ll want one that caters to specific tasks. High-capacity dirt buckets simplify excavation and earthmoving projects, while low-profile buckets offer precision in loading and grading.


When your project calls for drilling holes, whether for landscaping endeavors or setting foundations, augers come into play. Learning all there is to know about skid steer augers can help you utilize this attachment and drill holes that can work for any job. These attachments allow for precise drilling in various soil types. From installing fence posts to planting trees, the auger attachment makes quick work of what would otherwise be a time-consuming task.

Pallet Forks

If you need to move a lot of heavy materials or equipment, one of the best attachments to get for your skid steer is a pallet fork. These accessories can lift and transport pallets loaded with heavy gear and are essential if you’re working in logistics. While a skid steer may not have all the capabilities of a proper forklift, a pallet fork can give those machines a run for their money while still being useful for so many other jobs.

Brush Cutters

Landscaping projects frequently require clearing thickets, underbrush, or small trees. Brush cutters stand out for this task, offering the capability to clear land efficiently. These robust attachments can cut through dense vegetation, leaving behind a clean area ready for further development or beautification. When selecting a brush cutter, you may want to consider the cutter’s width and the thickness of the vegetation to ensure optimal performance.

Equipping your skid steer with the right attachments significantly enhances its functionality, turning it into an invaluable asset for any construction or landscaping project. By investing in these key attachments, professionals can ensure their skid steer meets a wide range of task requirements, solidifying its status as one of the most versatile tools at any job site.