Best Hair Colors To Consider for Fall 2021

Best Hair Colors To Consider for Fall 2021

Of our four seasons, autumn is the one that, more than any other, has a color palette. Summer is vibrant, winter is white and grey, and spring—well, you never know what spring has in store. But fall is the season when changing leaves reveal a spectrum of warm tones, we appreciate those ever-earlier golden-hued sunsets, and we stage a Thanksgiving feast rich in caramelized colors.

With so many beautiful shades, it’s only natural to want your hair to reflect the character of the season, too. There are some great colors to choose from as you get in the spirit of the season—along with some unorthodox choices. Here are some of our best hair colors to consider for fall 2021.


As perhaps the quintessential fall hair color, a nuanced mix of lustrous reds, golds, and browns is always seasonally appropriate. If you’ve flirted with going red but haven’t made that commitment, embracing copper locks is a great way to dip your toes in the water—though, being fall, that water is a bit brisk. The warmth of copper coloring is an especially good idea if your skin has warmer undertones.

Deep Burgundy

Cooler nights indoors bring red wine—sometimes even mulled on the stove with a little bit of cinnamon. It’s no surprise that many people want to bring that warmth into their own color palettes. Burgundy is a dark red color with hints of purple that occurs in our falling leaves and our wine glasses, making it a perfect fit for the season.

Ombré and Balayage

With so many autumn colors to choose from, an ombré or balayage treatment will allow you to incorporate a few if you can’t decide on one. Whether you prefer the pure, “north-south” gradient of a traditional ombré or the sweeping, side-to-side brushwork of balayage, these treatments will mix golden blondes and caramel browns into a dark brown base for a stirring autumnal effect.

Pumpkin Spice

Did you think we were going to get through this piece without a mention of pumpkin spice? For a truly eye-catching look, one of the best hair colors to consider for fall 2021 is this signature tone. With warm browns and cinnamon reds, it’s hard to go wrong. Just note, however, that without the proper care for your color, those reds can become brassy—and there’s no place for any brass accompaniment in your rustic autumn scene.

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