Best Party Entertainment Ideas for Kids Birthday Party


Do you want to throw a birthday party for your child, nephew or niece but have no idea where to begin? You are in luck. There are many party entertainment ideas to get you started.

But before you begin, you need to consider the age of the children so that you can select the right games for them. Also, don’t limit yourself to intellectual games; add fun to the event by having some light-hearted games for the kids.

Make your kid’s birthday party memorable by throwing them a party with these affordable birthday party ideas.

1. Magic Theme

Every child is wowed by a performer pulling magic doves out of their pocket. So search for some entertainer over the internet. Note, these entertainers have well developed websites for example Yabadoo kids magician and entertainers. Thus, you can book them to come and perform some magic for your kids. However, you don’t have to get the ones that perform complicated tricks. Children will appreciate the simple tricks besides their attention span wanes.

An an heads-up, remember to ask the magician to include the birthday girl or boy on the last trick to make it memorable. Children love being the center of attention.

2. Princess Party

Does your daughter or niece love the princess characters on Disney movies?  Get them an unforgettable princess for their party. Whether she likes Cinderella or Hanna and Elsa, you can get a princess of their choice and have the princess walk in just before cutting the cake.

Ensure the princess gathers the kids around as she recounts her beautiful stories and adventures. Most princess party organizations are loaded with fun activities that include face painting and sing along. Others come with princess training, where they teach the children how to act like a real princess.

Just remember to get a princess character who is talented and fun to be with.

3. Animals

If the birthday star is into animals, why not surprise them by bringing real-life animals at the birthday party?  There are amazing and affordable animal zoo packages where your child’s favorite animals can be delivered to be strokes or just held. Some of the animals include rabbits and tarantula.

If live animals seem too much, you can simply have an animal-themed party after the party surprise the birthday girl by taking them on tour in the park to see the live animals.

4. Swimming Party

There are several swimming pools that offer fantastic birthday party packages. Decorate the house and the swimming pool with bright yellow poufs. These bright yellow poufs give the party a tropical feel.

Also, include colorful balloons in the pool. The kids will love rushing into the water to play.

Don’t forget to add colorful jellyfish lanterns or create a mermaid-themed table setting and put in next the pool. The kids will love having their meals as they stare at the seashells and all the glitter.

5. Arty

You can’t go wrong with an arty party idea for a children’s birthday party. Jewelry making, painting, and decoration and pottery painting are among the best artsy ideas. The kids will enjoy bringing out their artistic side.

You can even get a package that decorates the floor with huge rolls of a painting paper. The kids can go wild and paint the paper or have different drawings about their favorite characters.

6. Group Party Games

Children love games, so go for retro-themed parties with some old fashioned party games. Besides saving you lots of money, group party games are fun for everyone, including adults.

Some of the games include pinning the tail on the donkey. The game is straightforward; all you need to do is put a donkey’s picture without a tail on the wall. Then give the children tags and have them line up with blindfolds as they try to pin the tags on the picture.

The child that correctly pins their name on the donkey’s missing tail is the winner, and since it’s a game, you must reward him/her.

Final Word

Your child’s or relative’s birthday party is one time in a year event when the kids get to enjoy themselves. So make the event memorable by borrowing the above birthday party entertainment ideas.

If you plan to include games, make sure they don’t drag for too long because it can get boring.