Best Second Languages for Children to Learn

Best Second Languages for Children to Learn

Although many students begin learning a second language in high school, it’s more advantageous for kids to tackle the topic at a much younger age. Even if you see the value of an early education in another language, it’s not easy to choose one or two that your child can benefit from the most. Don’t worry; this guide will introduce parents to three of the best second languages for children to learn as early as preschool. Read through this list to learn how a bilingual education can benefit your children.


There are multiple Chinese languages students can learn, with the most popular being Mandarin. By learning Mandarin as soon as their preschool years, kids can begin developing a connection with one of the most predominant nations in terms of jobs and economy. China plays a crucial role in the business, technology, and political worlds, so fluency in Mandarin is growing increasingly vital. Learning Mandarin helps children appreciate the fascinating Chinese culture and gives them a chance to be a part of their impressive workforce.


Another one of the most popular languages around the globe is French. In fact, French is the official language in nearly 30 countries around the world. This means bilingual students can travel to a diverse array of locations worldwide without worrying about the language barrier. Aside from France, locations such as Canada, Switzerland, and Africa contain areas in which citizens speak French regularly.

Traveling to a foreign country is one thing, but knowing the native language allows you to embrace and understand the culture more deeply. So, if business or the arts are in the future for your child, French can broaden the range of industry professionals they can communicate with.


We can’t discuss the best second languages for children to learn without mentioning Spanish. As with the languages above, an early education in Spanish opens the door to travel to other incredible countries worldwide. Plus, learning Spanish early on can help children master languages such as Portuguese and Italian later on in life. However, Spanish is particularly beneficial when it comes to the job market. Professions all across the field are always seeking bilingual employees who can speak Spanish. The reason for this is that many Spanish-speaking nations provide ample business opportunities worth exploring. There are multiple benefits of preschoolers learning Spanish, all of which can help them academically and socially. 

Of course, these are only a few of the many languages around the world worth learning. That said, these are the second languages that can help you out in very specific, significant ways in social and professional settings. Whichever language(s) you think are best for your child, begin teaching them as early as possible.

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