Best Spots in Pennsylvania for a Weekend Getaway

Best Spots in Pennsylvania for a Weekend Getaway

Pennsylvania is an amazing state. Whether you live in a bordering state or you’re just looking to get away from the city life of Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, here are some of the best spots in Pennsylvania that we recommend for a weekend getaway. So pack your suitcase up with a few weekend outfits and get ready to explore these iconic spots!

Presque Isle State Park

You probably don’t usually think of Pennsylvania when you think of relaxing beaches. But Presque Isle offers seaside views, a fantastic pier full of year-round activities, and an iconic lighthouse. Whether you prefer roller-skating, bird-watching, or simply enjoying a relaxing day with your feet buried in the sand, Presque Isle State Park may be the getaway you need.


Railroad enthusiasts looking for a weekend getaway will want to check out Altoona. The Horseshoe Curve guided trains around the Allegheny Mountains in the 1800s, allowing them to get between Pennsylvania and New York. People looking to stay near the railroads may want to book a stay at the historic Tunnel Inn and swing by the Railroaders Memorial Museum. If you like trains, Altoona is the region for you.

Lancaster County

Lancaster County is an area that will make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time—while still enjoying modern conveniences. Take a scenic driving tour over covered wooden bridges, and swing by the Lancaster Central Market for an unforgettable shopping experience. The market boasts everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to classic Dutch recipes and baked goods. Lancaster County is a picturesque slice of history, and it’s not to be missed.


If you’re a fan of chocolate, then the best spot in Pennsylvania for a weekend getaway is right here in the sweetest place on earth. Hershey offers something for the whole family, from theme parks to shopping experiences to spas and much more. Just make sure to pack light, because you’ll want to bring some chocolate home with you!

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