Best Vape Flavours for Fall/Winter

The second half of the year is almost here.   And it is bringing a lot of exciting flavours with it!

Among all of the seasons in a year, fall and winter is the best season to fulfil your vaping needs. The fall is just the start of the colder season with some nippy temperatures in the night and warmer during the day.  The winter season is perfect to keep yourself warm and relaxed with the different variety of flavours that vaping offers. There is a vast variety of vaping flavours that you can choose from, and most of them are not expensive at all; so that you can enjoy with your friends while it snows. Following are some vaping flavour recommendations that you can try in fall and winter:

1. Thermal 

This is one of the most popular flavours of the Space Jam Flavors.  The name is quite inviting for the colder months of the year in that thermal conjures up feelings of wamth.  It is a delightful mixture of juicy ripe oranges, tangy kiwi, and fresh crunchy apples.  These delicious flavours are blended together in a smoothie mix that is sure to delight the tastebuds.  It’s a flavour that is out of this world and keep you coming back.

2. Candy Cane

In case you have been looking for a mint and peppermint combination to vape through the winters, Candy Cane is there for your rescue. This flavour is a wild combination of the best mints- regular mint and peppermint- giving you the perfect cheer while vaping. This is the reason why this flavour is so different from all other options. This flavour does not condense in the cold and remains perfectly smooth so that you can get your nicotine supplement just like you need.

3. Diamond Ice

Diamond Ice is one of the mist amazing vaping flavours that complement the winter perfectly. It is very icy and sweet- which makes it perfect for people who have a sweet tooth or have a taste for something cold and sweet. During winters, it is slightly modified to maximize the concentration of ingredients yet reduce the percentage of nicotine in it, and this is why beginners prefer it the most. The Diamond Ice flavour is much like wine, it gets better as it ages. So, the longer you keep it, the more you will enjoy it. 

4. White Walker

White Walker is an exciting blend of juicy flavours that bring back your summer memories whilst you are in the midst of winter season. This is why so many people prefer it for their vaping needs because it gives something different- rather than something warm as other flavours for winter, it reminds you of the chilly burst of flavours in winter. 

5. Eggnog

This flavour has made it to the list because of the huge demand among people especially in winter season. The eggnog flavoured e-liquid gives you a fresh feeling of relaxation. It is not similar to any other flavour which can be related to for comparison, and that is what makes it so unique and popular. Eggnog flavoured liquids are minimal in their nicotine concentration. It keeps your throat fresh and leaves you feeling more refreshed than ever. This is one of the top flavours in the US.

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