The Alternative Medicine Cabinet

The award-winning The Alternative Medicine Cabinet by Kathy Gruver is a must-have for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of natural health and mind/body medicine, written in an easy to understand and informative way. The Alternative Medicine Cabinet covers a wide range of modalities such as massage techniques, homeopathics and Bach Flower Essences, and also provides natural solutions for common ailments like stress, back pain, sleep issues, and more serious conditions such as depression and cancer. Mind/body medicine, nutrition, women’s health issues, patient advocacy and obesity are also addressed. There are also insightful tips for corporate health and wellness.


My Chronicle BooksMy Chronicle Books

Parents will love creating a cherished keepsake for their children through My Chronicle Books, a personalization line of books and other gifts from Chronicle Books.

My Chronicle Books’ spin on the holiday classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas” puts your child at the center of the story. This customized version of Clement Clarke Moore’s historic poem is a timeless keepsake packed full of magic that warms your heart and sends children off to bed with wonder and hope. It gathers families around a book on what is the most magical night of the year. Customize the book with your child’s name, town, favorite pet, and more. Write a special dedication message, upload your holiday photo, and even include your child on Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” list.

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Adobe Photoshop PDFBaseball’s Greatest

Ruth or Aaron? Gibson or Koufax? Fenway or Wrigley? Yankees or Dodgers? For as long as there has been baseball, pundits and fans of America’s favorite pastime have argued, deliberated and analyzed over who are the best players, the best teams, the best games and more. Indeed, one can ask an entire stadium of people and come up with an entire stadium of answers.

 Now the Major League Baseball experts from Sports Illustrated weigh in with thought-provoking and insightful answers to the questions that have been pondered since the days of Abner Doubleday.  This new must-have coffee-table book BASEBALL’S GREATEST (Oct. 8, 2013, Time Home Entertainment, $32.95) offers the hands-down, unequivocal “Top 10” in more than 20 categories, including the top sluggers, pitchers, stadiums, managers, and franchises.


Maid to TranslateMaid to Translate 

Author, entrepreneur, and mother Maria Flores Shaw spent many years as the Translation Queen in her neighborhood. Maria’s friends and neighbors sought her help as they routinely experienced communication barriers as non-Spanish speaking employers with their Latin Housekeeping Staff (and vice versa). Born and raised in a Spanish-speaking household, translations felt like second nature to Maria. She recognized a unique void in the marketplace – no such complete and easy to use English to Spanish translation book existed to help with common household phrases and day to day communication. As such, Maria created Maid to Translate, a beautifully illustrated, resourceful guide book that helps simplify your busy lifestyle and lets you communicate with ease and confidence.

Maria set out to write a book that translated with respect, clear instructions and effective communication. In creating Maid to Translate, Maria was sensitive to making sure she did not disrespect nor stereotype Housekeepers in any way as their jobs require hard work, a high level of expertise, and dedication. She also clarifies that not all Housekeepers are Latin, nor do all Latin Housekeepers have difficulty speaking English.


Shell-less Shelby

In author and illustrator Jessica Kirsenlohr’s debut children’s book, Shell-less Shelby, Kirsenlohr tells the story of a shell-less sea turtle in search of her shell and in essence, her niche and path in life. As Shelby tries on many different items along the ocean shore to see if they could be her lost shell, she and her best friend Gus meet new creatures and try new things in hopes of finding their shells so they can get back to their ocean families. The themes Kirsenlohr explores in Shell-less Shelby are:

• Trying new things until you find the things you are passionate about and good at

• Never giving up and enjoying the struggle of the journey

• The special bond of a best friend and the support system that comes with that friendship

• Being nice, grateful and helping others

• Imagination and creativity

Shell-less Shelby is available for purchase at, and

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