Booze-Free Dates That You and Your Valentine Will Love

While many are currently participating in Dry January, research has found more than 70% of people who committed to going ‘dry’ for a  month continue to make healthier lifestyle choices when it comes to alcohol intake long after January.

So who says you need to resort to booze to hit it off with someone? And let’s be honest, if you aren’t keen on a first date, those beer goggles won’t do you any favors later on.

Online drinks retailer, The Bottle Club, has shared their favorite alcohol-free date ideas, perfect to prepare you for a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Picnic in the park

Not all dates have to be in the evening, and a picnic in the park is a lovely way to really get to know someone for the first time or spend some quality one on one time with a partner, avoiding any distractions from phones or TV screens.

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What’s even better is you can pack all of your favorite savory and sweet treats. Instead of wine and cheese, go for a nice elderflower cordial or shared mocktail with an array of indulgent nibbles like crisps and dip or sausage rolls.

Drive through cinema

What could be more romantic than a late-night film under the stars? Dates in the cinema are great, but when you are sitting in a row full of strangers it can take away the intimate alone time that you really desire when it is just the two of you.

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Whilst cinemas can tempt you to an alcoholic tipple, a drive-through cinema allows you to avoid expensive cinema prices and bring a selection of all your favorite foods, sweet things and soft drinks.

Weekend Hike

Not only is a weekend spent hiking a great use of quality time, but all that walking will leave you so exhausted that you will likely be reaching for the bottle of water rather than the wine – especially if you are planning another big hike the next day.

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Whilst a hike will not only help you avoid those distracting mobile phones, but it will also allow you to really take in the beautiful countryside. It’s amazing how much more easily you bond when you’re doing a shared activity, plus the endorphins and fresh air don’t hurt, either.

Coffee date

You might not know this but coffee has a dark side – it’s actually the world’s most socially acceptable stimulant. It excites the body and the mind and lifts your mood- so who needs alcohol?

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Therefore, a coffee shop may be the best place to enjoy a first date. There’s nowhere to hide, and you simply can’t avoid focussing on your date and sparking that all important conversation.

Watch the sunset

A beautiful daily occurrence that many of us don’t even notice. Watching the sunset is a perfect way to share a special moment with the one you love. 

Whilst many would tend to have a tipple of wine, why not swap it for a sex on the beach mocktail as the sun goes down and finish it off with a nice hot chocolate to warm up as the temperature drops.

For any reason you can’t do this by each other’s side, even having a phone call while you’re both watching the same thing is a unifying experience.

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