Can I Use Crypto To Invest in the Stock Market?

Analysts agree, investments and business planning go hand in hand. For both the investor and the business owner, best practices for success include building a network of branding and investor email alerts, free cash flow protection, and compliance with regulatory requirements, among other key features.

Investing in the market is a time honored tradition that millions of Americans have participated in over the last hundred years. Today, creating an investment portfolio is as simple as signing up with an email address and a few relevant personal details. But the construction activities that go into launching an investment portfolio and the strategy that will see it balloon in value are very different things. One of the most important questions that investors want to understand, in fact, is the relationship between cryptocurrency assets and traditional stock market commodities. The truth is that an overlap is occurring that’s making the difference hard to see.

Crypto offers a decentralized alternative.


When it comes to cash assets or stock market holdings, investors must put their faith in a singular system that recognizes their legitimate ownership of a thing of value. In the early days, companies issued stock certificates as a way to identify legal ownership by an individual; today, these same certificates take on the form of electronically coded book entries on the primary market system.

An investor today might purchase a share of Coca Cola and receive an email and a message in their investment app that is akin to the stock certificate, yet lacking the pomp and circumstance that a physical certificate brings to the table. The blockchain offers a different approach.

In fact, crypto completely eradicates this old model of ownership. Unlike stocks and cash assets, crypto wallets, crypto friendly banks, and other institutional players in this space defer to the blockchain for the minting of ownership of goods. Rather than a central authority maintaining a record of holdings, the entire network of users holds fragments of the blockchain “book.” When a new transaction takes place, an algorithmic problem solving event utilizes the entire blockchain to validate the movement of assets and records the new transaction for all record keepers simultaneously.

Yet cryptocurrencies are more than just a fun new way of handling financially viable assets.

Crypto can provide rocket fuel to your investment portfolio.


Crypto holdings offer a fantastic growth opportunity, but they must be matched with assets that provide greater stability for a balanced list of holdings. Assets like Alamos Gold Inc. (NYSE:AGI) provide this matched balance for many investors who crossover between cryptocurrencies and stock market assets. Alamos Gold is a Canadian gold mining firm and conducts mining operations all over the world. With operational mines in Sonora, Mexico (Mulatos), and Northern Ontario (Island Gold and Young-Davidson), AGI is already a major player in the gold mining industry. Yet the firm is expanding operations with a second location in Sonora at La Yaqui Grande, new projects in the U.S. west, and three new sites in the Republic of Turkey that may just become the crown jewel in Alamos’ stable of productive mining sites.

The Kirazli project in particular offers over one hundred thousand ounces of gold per year, and this yield comes at an industry leading price point that stands to make Alamos one of the most cost effective miners in the business. As well as the ounce-weight output, Alamos Gold Inc. is committed to environmental protection, setting their mines apart from the pack even farther. With cleaner power and the elimination of harsh chemicals (like cyanide) from the extraction process, Alamos has set the bar incredibly high for others to follow.

Crypto assets offer a unique way to bleed over responsive financial assets from one camp into the other. With a robust strategy that includes both cryptocurrency and traditional stock market assets, fantastic growth is nearly a given.

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