Cannabinoids, CBD and THC – Know the difference

Today, the CBD oil market is flourishing at an increased pace! And this has made people curious to learn more about this oil and its therapeutic health and mind benefits. You need to study about CBD oil extensively to understand what it is all about and know its real connection to cannabis. 

And the moment people realize this, the majority start to imagine if CBD could get them high instead of providing a set of mental and physical benefits. More often than not, people remain unclear about CBD, because of one of its related compounds called THC. As you delve deep on the detailed difference between THC and CBD, is it necessary to realize that the entire group is called the Cannabinoids. 

Understanding Cannabinoids

Simply put, the Cannabinoids is a molecular compound which gets sourced from the cannabis plant. It gets generated naturally in the cannabis plant and is called phytocannabinoids. Till date, the leading scientists have delineated about 113 discrete phytocannabinoids, and every one of them comes with a distinctive feature and impact. 

It is interesting to note that for several years, humans assumed that phytocannabinoids had an impact on their body. Keeping that mind, many people have been increasing their cannabis intake to experience a mental “high” and also for medicinal purposes. It was only recently that people realized the reason behind doing so.

In the past few decades, ace scientists have been able to discover a receptor nexus present in the human body. The cannabinoids sourced from the plants can bind all these receptors for producing an effect or generating a response. The receptors are known as cannabinoid receptors. The network got termed as ECS, meaning endocannabinoid system. That is not all. 

The interesting fact is, we humans also generate cannabinoids, known as the endocannabinoids that get bound to the receptors for maintaining wellness and good health. ECS functions as a signalling network that permeates across the body to alert the cells if there’s anything wrong and we need to fix it. In simple terms, we are alive because of this. After discovering ECS, expert scientists are working to know more about individual phytocannabinoids and the functions they carry out. 

THC and CBD 

Today, there are more than 100 cannabinoids inside cannabis. But still, it is just THC and CBD that most people are clued into. However, THC has a reputation, and CBD is gradually developing its name. Being cannabinoids, generally, people tend to use these two separate terms interchangeably. It is essential to know the difference and their distinctive qualities. 

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is arguably the very first cannabinoids that got discovered. It’s the structural isomer along with THC. It means that both have the same chemical properties. But there’s a difference in the atomic arrangements. Both these compounds come with the molecular formula C21H30O2, and its molecular weight is 3114.4g/mol.

What is THC?

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a famous cannabinoid. And it’s known for its psychoactive effects. Sometimes, people get slightly intimidated by THC as it has very different behaviour to CBD after consumption. That is what separates these two cannabinoids.

Where are these two cannabinoids sourced from?

CBD and THC are called phytocannabinoids and are found in Cannabis Sativa. It is essential for people to know that there are several variants of cannabis plants. 

The bodily interaction

THC and CBD interact with our endocannabinoid system in two different ways! They work through the CB1 and CB2 receptors. You can find the CB1 receptors in the brain and central nervous system. On the other hand, the CB2 receptors can be found in organs, tissues, and the immune system. These receptors are present all over the body instead of getting limited to one area. 

THC functions by getting attached to the receptors, along with a specific affinity with the CB1 receptor. Hence, it can cause a notorious mental impact by making the person slightly high. Today, some people inhale marijuana stains that have a high dose of THC and get completely intoxicated. In most situations, it leads to sensory stimulation and also can enhance your mood positively. Usually, the change is visible but not overwhelming.

THC is known to stimulate the user’s mind. When you consume CBD, you will not experience an increased mental high. However, it is looked upon as a proper food option that can result in your overall wellbeing and can impact the ECS indirectly.

Mild side effects you need to know

No one has witnessed a dangerous cannabis overdose. Research and studies indicate that it is not possible. Hence, both CBD and THC are safe for consumption. But that doesn’t free us from the mild side effects that can happen when taking cannabis extracts, so it is important to be aware of them. THC is considered to be slightly stronger than the two. And when consumed in a high dose for a prolonged time, it might have some adverse effect on the brain. Hence, it’s best if teenagers don’t start consuming it. Some of the side effects that THC can result in include the following:

  • Red eyes
  • Minimal response time
  • Problems related to coordination
  • A high pulse rate
  • Dry mouth 

These are mild side effects that can go away very soon. However, a high intake might make a person suffer from psychosis and impairments. Hence, it is always a smart call to stay slightly cautious about THC use. 

On the other hand, with CBD, you have minor side effects, such as:

  • A feeling of nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Appetite changes
  • Feeling drowsy
  • Diarrhea 

However, it is essential to know that these are mild side effects which will dissolve very fast! Reports and studies suggest that CBD has a better tolerance equation than THC. But still, it’s always better to check with a medical expert before you decide to consume the same. There are chances of a person getting slightly overzealous while consuming CBD, and that might lead to some unwanted scenario. Also, other than consumption, it is essential to purchase the same from a secure store online, so that you get the best quality product.

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