Cannabis and CBD Distribution Is Set to Expand

Cannabis products are growing in popularity among U.S. consumers. From the infamous marijuana products that are gaining greater legality across the nation to THC-free and low-THC alternatives extracted from different parts of the hemp plant, cannabis use is on the rise. As a result, the distribution channels that cannabis products rely on are becoming more widespread and much faster.

The response within the supply chain to consumer demand is sharp and deliberate. Retailers respond to a consumer base looking for unique and effective healthcare supplements and wellness products that work for their needs. Many people are finding CBD and other cannabis products to be that resource.

Of course, it’s always best to consult with your doctor for the latest in healthcare advice and personalized information about how any supplement or product might respond to your physiology and individual health needs. As well, FDA guidance is a great read on any new supplement. The FDA conducts independent evaluations of everything that hits the consumer marketplace as a health supplement and, as a result, can be a great resource when considering a new product for your routine.

CBD products tap into the endocannabinoid system for great results.


Many people find relief for various issues with the help of CBD products or other cannabis options. This is likely because CBD, THC, and the hundreds of other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant engage with your endocannabinoid system directly. This is the internal mechanism that participates in regulating many of your essential bodily functions such as mood, appetite, energy, and much more.

In fact, the endocannabinoid system is likely responsible for the evolutionary holdover behavior that produces the “runner’s high” that athletes and recreational joggers experience while exercising. As a result, the effects of cannabis products are often dramatic, noticeable, and favorable to most.

CBD is a major player in this space. CBD products from Tweedle Farms and other producers contain a low or no-THC cannabinoid compound mix either entirely or predominantly made up of CBD or cannabidiol. CBD provides all the same great benefits that THC users rave about, yet it leaves the intoxicating effect behind and allows for the level of focus required for daily tasks, athletic endeavors, and much more.

Adding CBD to your daily intake provides a force multiplier effect rather than altering your habits or schedule, like THC products might. However, a reputable supplier is a must because CBD oils and other CBD products are just like any other product and require optimal growing conditions and a commitment to sustainable cultivation and expert growing techniques.

Cannabis distribution networks are changing for the better.


Consumers can get their hands on these amazing products far more effectively these days than ever before. With built-in network management applications, like a fleet telematics solution, distributors and delivery assets can better leverage all the great new technological breakthroughs of our time for better delivery. The truth is that cannabis products, until recently, had to rely on illicit supply chain management due to the stigmatized or outright illegal nature of the consumer product that people were trying to procure for themselves. 

Recreational use of cannabis has always been an enormous business in the United States, and with the expanded legality of cannabis products more broadly (with CBD retailing legally in all 50 states and throughout much of the world), modern supply chain management has become a built-in component of the delivery of these fantastic supplements. 

CBD and other cannabinoid products are making huge waves in the U.S. market and beyond. Consider one for yourself, and you might just be surprised at how effective these products can be.