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The Lost Art of Face to Face Communication 

Stacey Hanke

Eight Steps to Impact and Influence

By Stacey Hanke

Communicating meaningfully is becoming more difficult than ever before.  While technology has created an ever increasing number of ways to communicate, many people are now insulated and protected.  Consequently we’re losing the skills and abilities to communicating in the most influential way – face to face.

There’s a real danger to the maintenance of meaningful communications and personal and professional relationships. If you become overly dependent on email or text messages, you focus on the object, not the person.  If you can’t keep the attention of your listener for them to understand your message, you won’t influence them to take action.

Failure to communicate effectively face to face has a phenomenal impact on business and success.

  • Miscommunication and understanding.
  • Wasted time.
  • Loss in profits.
  • Minimize ability to effectively project trust, confidence and credibility to build relationships.

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