Career Options for When You Don’t Like Nursing

Career Options for When You Don’t Like Nursing

It can seem like a nightmare when you realize you don’t like your nursing job. Moreover, it’s also a disheartening experience to find yourself increasingly dissatisfied with your work. You might feel like a career shift is hopeless, but that’s not the case. There are many career options to choose from if you don’t like nursing.

Become a Teacher

While you might not enjoy the aspects of the role, you can still bestow your education and experience to newcomers in the field. Becoming a teacher is an incredibly satisfying and rewarding profession that many nurses enjoy. Many of us know that there is a nursing shortage, but we may not know that a lack of nursing educators contributes to that shortage. When you become a nurse educator, you help fill the nursing shortage gap.

Change Your Role

If you have only worked one role in your time as a nurse, you might just not like your position. That is why you should consider working in different units within your hospital. You could discover a nursing role more aligned with your values, goals, and personal satisfaction.

If you want to advance your nursing career in this way, you should speak with your charge nurse or manager. They can help you fulfill the requirements for your transition into your new role.

Health Services Manager

You likely don’t want to throw your nursing education away, but you can’t imagine remaining in your role any longer. Thankfully, many career options allow you to remain in the field, even if you don’t like bedside nursing. You may aspire to take on a larger workload that focuses more on the managerial and business side of nursing.

If that’s the case, you should consider becoming a health services manager. This role requires a different skillset as you must plan, direct, and coordinate schedules. However, you will still utilize your prior education to oversee hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

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