CBD for Dog Ear Infections: Helpful Information for Canine Owners

Dogs serve humans with loyalty, and they deserve the best healthcare. Just like other animals or humans, they can suffer a variety of illnesses. Ear infections are common in dogs, and these infections can really take a toll on their health. Dogs with floppy ears are even more vulnerable. Actually, vets say that ear infections in dogs can stick around for a long time if they are not treated. 

As the owner of a dog, it is crucial to understand when your dog is not feeling well and take the appropriate actions. Now that people are aware of CBD as a treatment for ear infections in dogs, things are better. The insights below are invaluable to dog owners.

Causes of Ear Infections in Dogs

Floppy ears make proper cleaning more difficult during a regular dog bath. Sometimes, shampoo might get into a dog’s ears and end up not being washed out well. There is a significant chance of causing infections through pathogens such as yeast, bacteria, or viruses. Ear mites and dirt are also major causes of ear infections in dogs. 

How to Discover the Infection

Dogs are sensitive just like other pets, and it is easy to tell when they are sick. First, they will become stressed, which is evident on their faces and in their demeanor. They also flap their ears uncomfortably or try to touch the ears with their paws. This is a big sign that you should not ignore. Lastly, there could be a foul smell coming from the ears especially when the infection is at an advanced stage. 

What to Do

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil or CBD concentrate is great when used after the infection since it has direct benefits in reducing pain and inflammation. But it is not effective as a preventive measure. To have some stocked in your home for the dogs, visit Cannaflower.com to see what they have. 

Ultimately, you have to clean your dog’s ears well and regularly to reduce the chances of infection.  There are cotton buds that are meant for dogs, and having a packet in your house is highly recommended. 

If you detect an infection, the best thing is to visit a vet before you administer any medication to your dog. More often than not, doctors will recommend a combination of solutions with the use of CBD oil being one of them.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs with Ear Infections

CBD works in many ways in a dog’s body. First, it is a great pain reliever. Hence, it will immediately soothe the canine’s nerves and bring some comfort. On the same note, it reduces inflammation, which promotes quick healing from the infection. Since the dog might have become stressed, CBD for dogs will also address this. You can either apply it directly in the ear canal or administer it orally to your dog.

Final Word

A vet should observe the healing progress and assess whether CBD is causing any allergy or reaction with other canine medication used for the same reasons. This way, the dog will have a smooth healing process.