Choosing the Right Commercial Roofing Companies in Phoenix, Arizona

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You may be the owner of a commercial building in Phoenix, Arizona, and you’re fully aware that repairs and maintenance can be complex. This industry covers various aspects, and the options for the owners are endless.

The systems in the commercial buildings are different from the residential homes, and with good reason. The issues that the owners may face in a shop or office are unique when you compare them to many residential owners. They can be more expensive, complicated, and affect a lot of people. They require solutions that should be addressed differently from those who own residential homes.

More about the Commercial Roofing Systems

These systems encompass a lot of industries. The work included can be management, construction, designing, and installation of the roof. The shingles can be used in institutions or corporate offices.

The companies involved may manufacture the materials themselves, and there may be architects that help with the process. They can repair, install, and maintain the shingles when they begin to develop issues. This is possible with the help of the experts on sites like, where the workers use premium-quality materials and professional techniques. These may involve a lot of people who will work together to fix everything.

The materials used can vary. Other owners may prefer bitumen, built-ups, PVC, TVP, EPDM, and other single-ply materials. Some may lean on the side of shingles, asphalt, gravel, tar, metal, concrete, and sprayed polyurethane foam. The industrial sectors tend to focus more on qualities like sturdiness and durability. They might not usually prioritize aesthetics, although they care about the overall look of the property in Phoenix, Arizona too. The materials that will be used may be affected by factors like the location and the purpose of the building.

About Repairs and Replacements

When you own a building with a damaged roof, and it’s severely leaking in some parts, know that you need to fix it as soon as possible. They may have been entirely or partially torn off because of the weather or events like hurricanes or tornadoes. You need a professional to assess the damages and check for other things that should be taken care of right away. 

Know that a commercial roofing company can work with you as well as with your insurers to make sure that you choose the right materials for your property. They will also maintain it throughout their lifespans to make it safer and durable. Read more about life expectancies of the roofs on this site here

Before you hire a company, it’s best to remember that this building in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of your most expensive and valuable investments. This is a structure that houses all the tenants and makes them feel secure whenever there’s a hurricane or snowstorm. When the shingles stay in place while there’s a natural disaster, you can increase your tenants’ trust in the building, and they can be influenced to stay longer.

This brings the importance of trying to understand the types of commercial roofing systems out there. Knowing which one will work well with your property will make it withstand heavy winds, heavier rains, and other disasters.

Another thing is that this is probably one of your largest expenditures, and you may likely have to replace this once it is near the end of its lifespan. You need to know more about warranties, so you won’t have to spend more before you dive into the decision-making process.

More Information about Commercial Roofing Companies

The contractors essentially have the roles of installing, repairing, and maintaining the roofs of many industrial buildings in Phoenix, Arizona. If you own a massive commercial property, you need to hire people who have experience working with industrial factories, office buildings, shopping malls, and more. These people have a more specialized requirement than the residential contractors because they will be working in something bigger.

Most of those who focus on the commercial side of the industry have a wide range of products and services to offer. They can offer restoration, flat roof repair, overlays, replacement, inspection, maintenance, and prying out loose shingles. More about flat roofs here:

These companies will help you understand better the many types of materials needed for the job. They will explain more about the overlays, restoration, and replacement. They can advise you if it’s time to upgrade or if the structure is not as sound as it once was.

Whether you are a factory, warehouse, office building, industrial plant, and any others, you may want to get in touch with the professional roofers who belong to the commercial sector. This way, you know that they have the right knowledge and tools to do the job well.

Why Work with a Dedicated Contractor for Commercial Roofing?

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You’ll naturally work with companies that have comprehensive programs and expertise in factory and warehouse roofing. They can detect hidden problems and other dangers that you might not be aware of. They will check the integrity of the structural components that support the shingles, and they are going to monitor the roof’s performance at all times.

Working with the experts on restorations and repairs on your overlays can save you many troubles, stress, and money over time. Replacement can be done through the tear-off, but others don’t require you to have downtime on the operations. However, in major replacement, you may have to halt your operations or transfer them to another location while the work is ongoing for the safety of everyone. The experts can do replacements in the fastest time possible or add layers of coating to your existing shingles to reinforce them. 

The Similarities and Differences of Commercial and Residential Properties

One of the biggest differences between homes and warehouses is the materials that are used in their roofing. Aside from this, there are also utilitarian and flat slopes that are present in them. On the other hand, there are the residential homes that tend to value the aesthetics and flourishing designs of their properties more. Of course, each of them is different, which may also depend on what the owners want.

As an example, the residential roofs may typically contain clay tiles, concrete, shakes, wood shingles, asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, or even slate. These will all depend on the budget and the design of the home, the climate, and many other factors.

On the other hand, many commercial roofs may contain asphalt shingles, but commercial owners today may be looking into more modern materials. The choices can include built-up tar, concrete tiles, metals, restoration coatings, modified bitumen, polyurethane foam, grave, polyvinyl chloride or PVC, thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO, and ethylene propylene diene terpolymer or EPDM. There are various choices for many.

Kinds of Solutions Involved in Commercial Roofs

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The type of materials to use will usually depend on the type of properties you have. Factories may require the sturdiest and most durable roofs because they will house heavy equipment and a lot of workers. They contain valuable stocks that could be damaged by water and snow. 

On the other hand, there are others like a brick-and-mortar store, restaurant, shopping complex, an office building that faces consumers all the time. Their appearance usually matters the most because they want to attract as many customers as much as possible. This is where the styling should be able to get on with high-quality craftsmanship.

Regardless of the type you have, it’s best to choose durable and resilient materials. This process can be confusing as there are so many options for you. This is why you need to consult a professional company specializing in your industry to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Another difference between commercial and residential roofing is how the issues are handled in cases of hail damage or water leaks. As an example, if you notice a leak in one of your rooms, this can probably require minor patches or a replacement of a few shingles. 

Meanwhile, when a commercial roofing system leaks, a specialized patch needs to be applied to consider the problem fixed. The contractors may even need to re-seal or apply a new coat to the entire roof, so this won’t happen again in the future.

Types of Materials Available

  • Sprayed Polyurethane Foam – The sprayed polyurethane foam is a roofing material that’s usually applied as a liquid, and they turn into foam afterwards. They are sprayed in a layer of specific membrane over a coating or overlay.
  • Single-Ply Membranes – Single-ply roofing can be made up of various materials, including EPDM, PVC, and TVP. They are flat membranes that are composed of synthetic rubber or thermoplastic materials, and they come in flexible sheets.
  • Modified Bitumen – Modified bitumen or asphalt is a product usually designed to be applied in many ways. They are ideal in either cold or hot climates. This type of roofing is becoming very popular, and they are now alternatives to the current built-up systems of some roofs in many industries.
  • Built-Up – Built-up roofing is used on lower-sloped roofs. They are made up of layers of asphalt or bitumen, where the top is made up of gravel or aggregate stone.
  • Concrete – Sometimes, a building may have a concrete tile as part of the roofing system because it’s very resilient and energy-efficient. It can translate into savings when it comes to energy usage, and they can mimic the look of having shakes and shingles on top.
  • Metals – Metal retrofits are now replacing the flat roofs and steep-sloped systems because they are more resistant to wind and water. They can hide various mechanical structures, cover HVAC systems, and are very resilient in any kind of weather. They can last a very long time too.