Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

It seems like just yesterday we were picking swimsuits for our summer vacation and now Christmas is just around the corner. If you already know where you will spend your Christmas Eve it is time to decide on your party outfit. Whether you will be mingling with your coworkers, having drinks with your friends or spending time with family members around the Christmas tree, these tips will help you get ready for any kind of occasion. 

The office party

Although you can loosen up a little bit and put on something you wouldn’t wear for work, you still need to keep in mind that these are your colleagues so a dose of elegance is still required. Of course, what you will wear depends mostly on the type of venue. If you are attending a fancy black-tie event, a tux or a maxi dress is required. However, if this is your usual type of the office party (with cheese Christmas songs, drinks, and food at the actual office) here’s some inspiration.

For him

Instead of wearing your suit, put on a colorful shirt with a pair of tailored jeans and complete your look with chunky boots. If you stick with blue hues you will be able to have more fun with prints, while with bright colors you will need to tone things down a notch. With this outfit, you will still look handsome and elegant but with your own twist on the look. If you want to take things one step further, wear a bow tie. 

For her

Most of your colleagues will probably stick to black and red tones, so stand out from the crowd with a long-sleeved dress in rust colors or gold hues. Wear a pair of heeled ankle boots that will allow you to spend all night dancing without worrying about your achy feet, and add a dash of luxury to your look with gemstone earrings from Moon Magic. Finally, finish your look with an oversized coat that will keep you warm while you are waiting for a taxi home.

The house party

If one of your friends is throwing a party at their house, you can opt for a smart, yet casual look. Wear something that fits you perfectly, but also makes you feel completely comfortable. 

For him

A plaid shirt is a perfect choice for a house party and if you choose one in a festive red, you cannot go wrong. Wear a plain, white T-shirt underneath and put on a pair of jeans, and you will look great while chilling on the sofa with your friends.

For her

Velvet dresses always scream winter, and they are sooo comfortable and cozy. Therefore, go with a red or green slouchy dress, bare legs, and cute ankle boots. Tie your hair in a loose ponytail, put on red lipstick and you are ready to party all night long. A thick jacket with an oversized faux fur hood will keep you warm on your way home. 

The family get together

If your family has decided to spend Christmas Eve together, you will probably spend all night drinking eggnog with your cousins, listening to grandpa’s stories or helping your mom with last-minute preparations for Christmas day. Unless you have agreed to have a pajama party, here are some outfit ideas you might like.

For him

If you are not the type of guy who is willing to wear one of those ugly Christmas sweaters, a long-sleeved polo shirt and comfy jeans will help you look good without trying too hard. 

For her

A cute, festive sweater, skinny jeans, and fur-lined boots will help you feel completely comfortable while catching up with your family. On the other hand, you can always opt for a casual shirt dress with long sleeves which you can combine with tights.

Now go get ready and have a great time!

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