Creative Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Kids Room

Rooms for kids are so much fun to decorate!

There’s no limit to using colors, style, shape and design for wall art to hang in a kid’s room. Many love to give a new look to walls of a kid’s room with large canvas prints or bold-colored paintings.

Basically, wall art allows you to decorate the room according to the growing age and interests of your child.

Whether you’re looking for kid-friendly wall art or fun ideas for wall decor, these creative ideas are easily adaptable to fit every child’s room.

Take a look!

Wall Art Varieties For Kid’s Room

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It would be best if you choose the wall art that enhances your kid’s room interiors. The different exciting wall art that can make your child happy is:

  • Glow in the dark art: Such art pieces look striking in the daytime and brilliantly glow at night.
  • American flag art: The American flag art adds a colourful element to the room, and it is a way to show pride for the country.
  • Wildlife animated art: You can allow your kids to embrace and express their love for animals and nature by decorating the room with jungle-themed or animal-themed art pieces.
  • Floral art: Floral art is an all-time favourite as it infuses a dashing yet delicate yet look to your child’s room and adds a splash of colours.

Focus On Colors While Decorating Kids Room


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Kids love colors, and there is no best way to decorate their room with various colorful wall arts. Most of the time, bright colors like pink, blue, green, yellow, and more look great in your champ’s room.

The colorful paintings and artwork make the room more energetic and impressive for kids. So, it is important to focus on the colors of art pieces while selecting them for the kid’s room.

In addition to color, you should also choose a meaningful artwork that helps your kid to learn things and to gain knowledge as well. Also, make sure that art pieces complement the space.

Enhance Room With Wall Art Styles

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You can display different wall art styles in a kid’s room, such as abstract art, bohemian art, canvas art, and many more. But Bohemian art is preferred the most as kids love these types of paintings.

In the kid’s room, there are no design rules to stand in the way of decoration. That is why bohemian wall art is best suitable as it follows no rules and uses bold colors. So it makes the space more vibrant, exciting and challenging for kids.

Make Kids Room Exciting With Different Shapes Of Wall Art

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There is no hard and fast rule to follow any particular shape in the kid’s room. You can hang wall art of any shape you like in a kids room such as a shape of car, flower, tree or anything. You only have to focus on making the kid’s room innovative and exciting.

Sometimes you can add geometrical shapes of art to teach your child. As researchers say, children do not forget photographic images; they will store them in their visual memory.

Focus on the Size Of Wall Art

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While choosing wall art for a kids room, make sure the wall art is in proper proportion to the walls. The size of the art pieces should not be too large in regards to the bed or too small in regards to the study table or almirah.

Make sure art pieces look graceful on walls. If needed, you can also mark the dimensions with a pencil to get an idea about the sizes of art pieces.

Final Words

It is fun to decorate a bedroom for children. The most exciting part is wall decoration as walls are like big plain canvases on which you can add bold colours and unique designs.

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