Cryoablation: The Advanced Technology in Breast Care Treatment


Cancerous or non-cancerous, early detection is critical to the treatment of any tumor. With varying diagnoses and treatment options, choosing the best course of action can often be overwhelming for patients. With this in mind, the team at Sanarus Technologies set out to create a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgical methods and provide patients with the information and education needed to make an informed treatment decision.

While many patients choose to treat non-cancerous breast tumors (fibroadenomas) due to factors such as pain, anxiety about cancer, ongoing growth, or cosmetic reasons, many doctors also agree they should be treated. When left untreated, they may obscure future imaging of the breast which can result in abnormal mammograms. A minimally invasive alternative to the traditional lumpectomy, the Visica 2TM Treatment System is an ultrasound guided cryoablation device used in the treatment of these breast tumors.

The procedure, known as Visica Breast Therapy, freezes the tumor in place. The icy temperatures destroy the tumor and over time (typically within 3-18 months), the body fully absorbs the destroyed cells. Only requiring a small incision, the procedure is conveniently performed at an outpatient facility and results in very little pain and downtime. Its ease, efficiency, and excellent cosmetic results makes Visica Breast Therapy a leading choice amongst patients.

“The cryoablation treatment I had in my doctor’s office was vastly different from my past surgical experiences,” said Deborah, a Visica Breast Therapy patient from California. “There was really no pain, just a prick here and there as she numbed my breast. After my treatment was over, I got dressed and went to lunch and then back home for a nap.”

Proven to be both safe and effective, this cryoablation technique has successfully treated over 4,000 cases. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, Sanarus is a woman-owned business with all products manufactured in the USA. They are a privately held medical device company pioneering minimally invasive breast cryotherapy solutions.