Daily Cleaning Tasks All Businesses Must Complete

Daily Cleaning Tasks All Businesses Must Complete

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been a strain on businesses everywhere, it’s been a good motivator for businesses to re-evaluate and double down on their sanitation policies for a clearer and more hygienic workplace. However, there are some common details often neglected from the cleaning process that build up germs and bacteria and make all other efforts moot. To identify these easy-to-miss spots, let’s outline some daily cleaning tasks all businesses must complete.


There is no object as touched by as many people as doorknobs and handles. They’re often forgotten about because of how brief and inconsequential interacting with a doorknob is, but as a result, bacteria and germs build up on these objects as hands from all over touch them. It’s important to clean your business’s doorknobs and handles daily—if not hourly—if your business sees a lot of foot traffic from customers coming in and out.

Company Phones

In both office spaces and retail businesses, the phone is another hotspot for bacteria and germs. What’s worse is that people hold phones up to their faces, making it painfully easy for a virus to get into their orifices and infect them. After a long day, you should wipe down and disinfect phones in the same way you would a doorknob.

Trash Receptacles

While taking out the garbage is likely something you’re not neglecting, it’s rare for businesses to think about disinfecting their trash cans before putting in a new bag. Between used tissues, half-eaten food, and discarded cans and bottles, trash cans can quickly become a biological nightmare. Cleaning and disinfecting your trash cans are good steps to make sure the bins don’t turn into Petri dishes.

Sink Knobs

Often considered the first bastion of hygiene, the sink is an object that few people think would ever be vulnerable to bacteria and germs. However, before we can wash our hands, we have to turn the sink on. This means the knobs of your sink are often touched with dirty hands that leave behind germs. For this reason, sinks should be high on the priority list of daily cleaning tasks all businesses must complete.

Taking care of every little detail may seem tedious and may eat up a bit much of your time. If you feel that this is the case, look into services such as day porters to handle sanitation with their expertise and equipment while you continue to operate your business.

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