Dating Advice for the Newly Single

When you’ve just become a single person again, sometimes it’s a relief and other times you have hurt feelings that are unresolved. It’s a good idea to take a beat before you make any serious decisions like dating if you recognize that you’re an open wound right now. You’ll at least go through a period of adjustment before you’ll be emotionally ready to consider dating again.

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Here is some dating advice for you if you’ve recently become single.

Avoid the Rebound

When you’re newly single, it’s easy to go right back into a relationship. Some people will daisy-chain a series of relationships to avoid either being alone or dealing with the emotional turmoil created by the loss of each past partnership that didn’t work out.

It’s always best to give yourself time to get over any emotional upheaval from the ending of your previous relationship. Even if you were the one who chose to end it – which is almost always easier emotionally – you still may have feelings for your ex that need time to settle. If you think you’ll want a long-term relationship next, allowing a few weeks to get over your last partner is a healthy way to approach it. Otherwise, you won’t be emotionally available for someone who might have been perfect for you and head right into another relationship that’s destined to fail. Don’t do that.

A Positive Outlook is Attractive

When meeting new people, they want to get to know someone who has a generally positive outlook. This doesn’t mean you need to be bouncing off the walls with joy! But it does mean that being able to naturally show the better side to your personality and personality is attractive to others.

Stay Single for a While If That’s What You Want

While it’s tempting to fill the void in your life that was previously filled with time coupled up, it’s best to make the adjustment to single life first. This way, you can decide what sort of person you’re looking for without being too needy.

It’s perfectly okay to give yourself time to be single again. Being in a relationship puts many demands and expectations on you that single life doesn’t have. Enjoy lifting the weight off your shoulders if that suits what you need right now.

Finding an Ideal Match When You Want Something Serious

When you know that you’re ready, it’s time to consider what sort of person you’re looking for as a new partner. If you’re thinking ahead towards a long-term relationship and being open to making serious plans, then relationship matchmakers in Boston are there to help you. They can provide tips on how to make yourself more attractive to a prospective mate and how to have a successful first date if you’ve been out of the dating game for several years. They’ll also have some interesting and attractive people on their books seriously looking for a partner too.

Dating is not only about finding the right person but doing so at the appropriate time. The new partner must be emotionally open to the possibilities just as much as you. Otherwise, when things get a little serious, they’ll run away. Be patient to learn about new people slowly to give yourself time to find the right one for you.

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