Designing an Effective PPE Program to Ensure Speed & Cost-Effective Delivery With Blue Flame Medical

The demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has skyrocketed since the advent of Coronavirus. As a result, this state of events has created a vital need for help from alternative sources other than government suppliers to chip in. Blue Flame Medical, who has put together a global network of COVID-19 medical suppliers is a company that provides healthcare logistics and has designed an effective PPE program to ensure speed and cost-effective delivery.

“It’s time to re-evaluate our priorities. Those on the frontline have previously been overlooked. They now have emerged as true heroes to protect us all, so we must shift our focus to our first responders, our healthcare workers, and those on the frontline. This unseen enemy is trying to  knock us down, yet we have the chance to not only rise up, but rise up as a stronger, more unified nation.” Mike Singletary, NFL Hall of Famer Coach and Co-Founder of the National Child ID Program, supporting Project First Responder Blue Flame Medical.

FDA Compliance

Blue Flame Medical is all about providing the best while doing so in a lawful manner. Consequently, everything must be carried out the right way through all steps of the process, from the time it leaves the hands of the manufacturer. When the time of shipment comes, the manufacturer must register the number of units produced and the time it will take to arrive in the United States. Additionally, all information related to the assigned licensed importing entity in the United States must be registered in the FDA system online. Nothing goes through customs without reporting the imported item’s FDA registration number. That is done by the assigned US importer on their own FDA account online.

Blue Flame Medical makes sure that all their products go through double-checks to clear the FDA before it gets to you, further ensuring that rigorous safety standards are met, and your safety is valued.


Blue Flame Medical puts significant emphasis on where their products come from and those who make them. Specifically, they trace the origins of every material used to make the products they bring to the United States. Taking this deliberate measure means that you can be sure nothing harmful was done to the environment to get the raw materials to make these products.

Knowing where the materials came from also means that they know where and how the manufacturers make them. Blue Flame Medical does not stand or tolerate human exploitation. They steadfastly value good treatment of all workers. Knowing that information helps them know that every product they bring to you was not made by a slave or an oppressed worker.

Best Prices

During this hard time, the last thing people need is an overpriced face mask and other PPE equipment. As a newfound necessity, these products are so crucial to save lives and it would not make sense to have them sold at a price no one can afford. Millions of workers have already lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and are facing financial struggles as a result. Many people can’t afford food, let alone a facemask. To counter these problems, Blue Flame Medical goes the extra mile to offer the highest quality products for the best prices in the market.

The explanation for how they manage to do that is a simple one: Blue Flame Medical has a large volume purchasing power and they purchase directly from the manufacturers. Cutting out the middleman ensures there is no unfair pricing or increase. In addition, Blue Flame Medical has some deep relationships with manufacturers and others involved which gives them an advantage in pricing. Keeping the price as low as possible makes certain that the PPEs get to as many people as they can to put up a worthy fight against the crisis.


At this time, the virus is at its peak and is spreading at record-breaking speed. What that means for us is that we also need to operate with a much faster speed to reduce its spread. Blue Flame Medical knows this and is doing everything it can to save the situation. The company guarantees the fastest delivery possible to any location, with clear follow-through. They know that lives are at stake and the world needs saving. 

Using its extensive global reach, Blue Flame Medical is able to shift its supply chains into the facilities that provide the fastest delivery to its clients. Blue Flame Medical also offers a 48hr inspect and rejection period policy, and a money-back guarantee, thus posing zero risks. Better is yet to come, and Blue Flame Medical is helping to lighten our path toward a brighter reality.

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