Different Data Destruction Techniques You Should Know

Different Data Destruction Techniques You Should Know

When it comes to staying organized, holding onto old information can cause problems. Whether it’s physical documents cluttering your file cabinets or digital data occupying room on your hard drives, freeing up space is essential. However, your records could contain sensitive information that needs safe and secure disposal. Here are different data destruction techniques you should know to organize your office.


The easiest way to remove digital information is by clearing your devices. Clearing removes data by returning your computer or hard drive to its factory settings. This method will render files and records unrecoverable by laypeople, making it perfect for small businesses needing to swap out their equipment. Keep in mind that technology experts may be able to override this technique, so consider a different option for highly-classified information.


Overwriting is like clearing for people who are a little more tech-savvy. Overwriting involves reconfiguring the ones and zeros of binary data to make it unrecognizable. This technique is the most common because it would take someone with a ton of skill to decipher any leftover data crumbs from the original information. For records that need additional protection, you can perform this process a few times to get rid of any sensitive material.


No matter how digital your office goes, you’ll likely have a collection of paper documents. One data destruction technique you should know that many forget is incineration. This process helps you stay organized by burning unnecessary paperwork and immediately removing it from your place. This is perfect for large businesses and those with a lot of paper products since holding onto paper waste can occupy a ton of space.


For small businesses and home offices, shredding your paper information will work just fine. Shredding is ultra-secure, easy, and usually pretty cheap. There are also several environmental benefits of outdated product destruction methods like shredding since you can recycle your paper waste. Physically destroying your paper records is the fastest way to organize your office, so invest in an office-wide shredding system for a quick fix.

Destroying secure data the right way isn’t only to protect information—it can also dramatically affect your organizing practices. Get in the habit of purging old records safely so that you can rest easy knowing your office is safe and clutter-free.