Different Methods for Taking Temperatures

Different Methods for Taking Temperatures

With all the current health concerns, more people than ever are regularly taking their temperatures. Knowing a person’s temperature can identify if they are sick, becoming sick, and more. Body temperature is especially important now as it can keep people infected with COVID-19 out of enclosed spaces where they could potentially infect a vulnerable population. Check out this guide to the different methods for taking temperatures.

Oral thermometers

Oral thermometers are one of the most common types of thermometers used in households. These go into the person’s mouth, under the tongue. They must stay in the mouth until the temperature displays accurately. This is a common form of temperature evaluation because oral thermometers are one of the most affordable types of thermometer.

Tympanic thermometers

Tympanic thermometers are thermometers that measure a person’s body temperature via their ears. These rose to popularity in the late 1980s and became more common in households by the early 2000s. These operate by inserting a clean probe tip into the ear until it fully seals the ear canal. Most tympanic thermometers take about one minute to read the temperature before a person can safely remove it from the ear canal.

Rectal thermometers

Rectal thermometers are the most invasive way to take a person’s temperature, but they’re also the most effective. They are known to be the most accurate read of temperature. Rectal thermometers work by inserting the tip of the thermometer into the rectum. This is a common method for taking the temperature of babies and small children. These types of thermometers aren’t as common in use for older children and adults because of their invasive nature.

Temporal artery thermometer

Temporal artery thermometers function by rolling across a person’s forehead. This is a very non-invasive way to take a person’s temperature and a popular method with children, as it takes only seconds to read temperature and doesn’t require much from the child.

Non-contact thermometer

Non-contact thermometers, a form of temporal artery thermometer, are a method for taking temperatures that’s growing in popularity due to the current global pandemic. One simply points one of these thermometers a person’s forehead, and it gives a temperature reading. Currently, many businesses are using them to check those who enter public spaces and workplaces in order to screen people for symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

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