Different Types of Exterior Lights To Improve Curb Appeal

Different Types of Exterior Lights To Improve Curb Appeal

Most houses have some basic lighting around the outside so residents and guests can safely come and go when the sun isn’t up. However, have you ever thought about how exterior lights can enhance your home’s curb appeal?

Curb appeal is how your house looks on the outside to others. You may have a perfectly decorated interior, but the exterior is what people use first to judge your home. If you’re interested in improving the outside of your house, read on as we discuss different types of exterior lights to improve curb appeal.

Front Porch Lights

The front porch is an extension of your home and the first part guests notice upon entering. Porch lighting is very important so everyone can safely see and so you can create the ambiance you want others to experience at your house. Here are unique lighting ideas for your front porch:

  • Wall lanterns with imitation gas flames
  • Traditional wall sconces
  • A floor lantern next to the front door
  • A ceiling fan with a light
  • A chandelier

Choose colors in your lighting that coordinate well with the house. If you live in an older historical home, choose metals that existed in that period. Likewise, if you have a modern place, choose contemporary styles.

String Lights

String lights are a more recent trend for outdoor lighting and seem to be sticking around. They draw attention and make a home look warm and fun. Here are some places you can hang string lights for exterior lighting:

  • Front porch railing
  • At the roof line
  • In the trees
  • Around bushes

String lights are no longer just for holidays. Keep them neutral by choosing colors such as warm whites or ambers. You can also use vintage-style bulbs for a cozy vibe.

Landscaping Lights

Landscaping lights come in a few forms and help light up your yard, accentuating its best features. They go right into the ground and may be electrical, battery operated, or solar powered. Let’s look at some areas where you can place landscaping lights.

At a Flagpole

If you have a flagpole in your yard, kudos to you. The right flagpole is an instant curb appeal improvement. Now, take it a step further and transform your home’s exterior with flagpole lighting. Place a landscaping light or two in the ground at the bottom of the flagpole, aiming the lights up toward the flag. At night, the flag will shine brightly and draw positive attention to your house.

Along Walkways

Solar-powered lights work great around walkways and are easy to install. They soak up the sun during the day and automatically light up your walkways at night. They add safety and look lovely.

Around Bushes and Flowers

Landscaping lights are perfect for showcasing your favorite flowers and bushes. Just place them around those landscaped areas in your yard, and enjoy the beautiful evening show.

Have fun choosing different types of exterior lights to improve curb appeal for a quick and easy home transformation. You, your guests, and your neighbors will all appreciate and marvel at the new lighting additions!