DIY: Home Brewing vs. Vape Juice


If you have a do-it-yourself spirit, then home brewing can be a great hobby for you. Home brews are taking the beer world by storm, especially since home brewers are able to experiment and create new and interesting flavors that you wouldn’t be able to find from a commercial brewery.  

Steeping vape juice is another pastime that DIYers may appreciate, and while you may not realize it, home brewing and creating your own vape juice are similar in several interesting ways. Here are a few things you should know about home brewing vs. DIY vape juice if you’re thinking about taking up either of these hobbies.

What Is DIY Vape Juice?

Before you can understand the difference between home brewing and creating your own vape juice, you need to know what vape juice is and what it’s for. Vape juice is basically any liquid that can be turned into vapor using a vape pen or similar device.

Vaping is very popular with a wide range of people, particularly those who are interested in quitting smoking. The problem is that vape juice can sometimes be expensive, particularly if you vape frequently. Enter DIY vape juice.

DIY vape juice is just vape liquid that you make at home using a few basic ingredients. Not only is steeping vape juice a lot of fun, it can also be a great way to lower the overall costs of vaping.

Differences Between Home Brewing and Vape Juice Steeping

Now that you know what vape juice is, we can discuss how steeping your own vape juice is different from home brewing. Obviously, the biggest difference between these hobbies is the list of ingredients that you’ll need to create each product. Home brewing involves mixing hops, malt extract, and yeast with water — ingredients with which most people are familiar. With vape juice steeping, you’ll use less-common ingredients, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, as well as nicotine if you use vaping to stay away from cigarettes. 

Other than the required ingredients, home brewing and vape juice steeping are very similar. For example, with both processes, you’ll need to invest in specialized equipment, and you’ll also need to wait for a certain period of time before you drink your beer or vape your juices. 

Pros and Cons of Home Brewing and DIY Vape Juice

If you’re thinking about brewing your own beer or steeping your own vape juice, it’s important to examine the pros and cons of each of these hobbies. The benefits of home brewing and DIY vape juice are very similar. For instance, both can help you save money over time, especially if you’re a regular beer drinker or vaper. You can also control your ingredients when steeping vape juice and home brewing, leading to a higher-quality product than you’d be able to buy in the store.

The main drawback of home brewing is that the equipment and ingredients can be somewhat expensive, which means it isn’t a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable hobby. With DIY vape juice, the only real concern is that the liquid has a relatively short lifespan, meaning you’ll need to use your juice fairly soon after it’s ready.

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