Do You Suffer From The Fear Of Erectile Dysfunction And Losing Erections?

Are you Suffering from fear of Losing Erections

Do you suffer from the fear of erectile dysfunction and losing erections? Whenever you have sex or at least most of the time, do you get an erection that lasts for less than a minute and you are not even able to penetrate? Are you able to achieve penetration during sex for less than a minute and in this time do you lose your erection or have an orgasm? Do you ejaculate way too fast when you have sex? Do you lose your erection so fast when you have sex, that neither you nor your partner is able to have enjoyable and satisfactory sex?

You Are Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

ED is also called impotence and one of the erectile dysfunction meaning is as follows:

‘ED is a type of sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual activity.’

ED is one of the most common sexual problems in the world and around 150 million men all over the globe face this issue. And the worst part is, this number is expected to shoot up to as much as around 300 million, by the year 2025. 

Are You Afraid Of Losing Your Erection? 

Is it that you get an erection and you are afraid of losing it within a minute? You need not be elderly to be suffering from this issue. Even young men suffer from this problem. But the trouble with male sexual impotence, is that if you suffer from it, you must not neglect it, you must seek treatment for erectile dysfunction symptoms, immediately. For men who want bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections, another option to try is, the #1 best-selling male enhancement supplement.

Most men neglect going for treatment when they see the warning signs of erectile dysfunction, as they are too embarrassed to seek treatment. Then there are those men who have egos that tell them that nothing is wrong with them and they do not suffer from impotence in men, when the fact is that they really are suffering from the same. 

The Harsh Reality about Neglecting Erectile Dysfunction

The truth about ED is that if you notice that you are suffering from sexual dysfunction symptoms, you must not ignore them, as ignoring them could cause you more problems than you already have. If you are suffering from weakness of man in bed and you ignore it, it is only going to make this problem worse. So, if you are embarrassed about the fact that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and do not want to go to the doctor just to hide your embarrassment, then think again. Because just for the sake of saving yourself from being embarrassed, you would be making your ED problem develop and putting yourself in a position that is far worse than you already are in. And if your ego is too big that you do not want to admit you have ED and seek treatment for it, unless you want the problem to get larger, best you swallow your ego and get treated for ED.

Another big problem when you suffer from erectile dysfunction, is that it is almost always a warning sign that you could be suffering from a very bad disease, one that could even be fatal. Two of the most common problems associated with signs of ED are circulatory problems and heart disease. 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Is Available

Yes, if you are suffering from reason of weakness in man, then you can be sure of one thing, treatments are available for this. Yes, there is not just one treatment that is available to deal with ED, but there are a number of treatments that are available, take a look:

  • Erectile Dysfunction Medicine: There are various medicines that are available for treating erectile dysfunction and some of these are Kamagra, Valif, Vidalista, Tadalista, Tadarise and Tadacip.
  • Natural Watermelon Juice: This is known as ‘Nature’s Viagra’. Having natural watermelon juice or a slice of watermelon can not only satisfy hunger and thirst in that warm summer season, but it can also help with satisfaction in the bedroom. This is because watermelon has in it, very high quantities of the amino acid known as citrulline. And this amino acid is found to enhance the blood flow into the penis.
  • Vitamin C: Taking this vitamin daily, improves the flow of the blood to the penis and helps in treating erectile dysfunction. 
  • Herbal Viagra: Herbal Viagra is ginseng, specifically red ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng. Studies have shown that this has proved to be extremely helpful in treating ED.
  • Just Walk: One of the easiest and simplest of ways for you to treat ED, is for you to just walk and walk, daily, without fail.It has been found that men who have a trim waistline have a better chance of preventing ED, as well as treating it. 
  • Ginger: Ginger can help in increasing the level of testosterone and thus facilitate in treating erectile dysfunction
  • Acupuncture: Studies indicate that acupuncture is not only capable of giving a good erection, but it also has the capability to restore sexual activities.
  • Kegel Exercises: These are also called pelvic exercises and when done they help immensely in strengthening the bulbocavernosus muscle. Because of this, the blood flows into the penis, giving a very good erection.
  • Withania Somnifera: This is also called ashwagandha or Indian ginseng. This has been found to improve fertility in men and also to increase their sperm count; more fertility information is available at this Fertility Clinic in London.
  • Foods: There are also a number of foods that can help you in dealing with erectile dysfunction and some of these are chocolate, bananas, coffee, avocados, cherries, chillies, salmon and onions, to name a few. 
  • Vitamin B3: This is also known as niacin and a daily dose of it, has been found to help men treat their ED issue very effectively.  
  • Lifestyle Changes. If you want to get treated for erectile dysfunction, you must be prepared to make certain changes in your lifestyle. If you consume alcohol, stop it totally or have it in a very minimal amount. Do not use illegal drugs. If you do not smoke, good and if you do, quit it.  
  • Counseling: If you are going through emotional or psychological issues, you could be in need of counseling to treat ED. 

Still Afraid Of Losing Erections?

You really have no cause to be! Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems faced by millions of men all over the globe. And as you can see above, there are a number of treatments available to deal with ED. If one does not work, another one surely will. And, even if a singular treatment method does not work, a combination of treatments is sure to work.

But, keep in mind, even though there is more than one erectile dysfunction cause that can bring about ED, when you even suspect or know for sure that you are suffering from ED, at once seek male sexual dysfunction treatment. Never ever neglect the fact that you are suffering from ED, as in doing so, you could be causing yourself far more harm than you can ever imagine. So, get in touch with a doctor at once and you will be on your way to getting treated for ED and no longer fear about losing erections and erectile dysfunction. Click here to learn more about resurge reviews.