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Available for pre-order now with delivery in September, the SYLVANIA SMART+™ A19 Full Color Light Bulb is Apple HomeKit™-enabled, which means all you need to do is screw the Bluetooth-enabled bulb into any lamp in an apartment or dorm, sync it to the Home app, and it can be easily controlled through Siri or Apple Home on an iOS 10 device – even if you are away from home.

This bulb is different from any other smart lighting product on the market, as it doesn’t require a separately purchased hub or an internet connection to use. It is dimmable and can be set to white or various colors.

The user-friendly Home app allows users to control all HomeKit accessories in one place, including lights, temperature, locks, garage doors, scenes and more, making it a great command center for your Smart Home.  LEDVANCE, maker of SYLVANIA general lighting in the US and Canada, will be adding a HomeKit-enabled SYLVANIA SMART+ A19 Soft White Light Bulb, Indoor Full Color Flex Strip, and Plug to the portfolio for purchase in the near future, adding even more ways to customize and control your Smart Home.

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The eco-friendly, personal space cooler—MyChill, from HoMedics, is a world leader in personal wellness products.

MyChill cools air naturally using no harmful chemicals or refrigerants, and is capable of cooling the air up to 12 degrees. It’s compact, and simply plugs into a standard electrical outlet, so it is a good fit for hot, stuffy dorms or college apartments, so MyChill makes an ideal “back to school” gift.

MyChill Personal Space Coolers can cool a user’s space by up to 12 degrees. Energy efficient and containing no ozone-depleting refrigerants, MyChill is a budget and environmentally friendly option for keeping a cool, comfortable temperature.

Warm air is drawn into the MyChill unit and passes through a wet cooling medium. The warm air mixes with water held in the unit, triggering the water to evaporate and dissipate heat, resulting in cooler, moisturized air.

MyChill is available in two models. The MyChill Personal Space Cooler, which retails for $79.99, provides a 4-foot cooling radius with two fan speeds. The MyChill Personal Space Cooler Plus retails for $99.99 and provides a 6-foot cooling radius with three fan speeds. MyChill is available at Bed Bath & Beyond and on
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The new Brita Stream pitcher is a great gift for college students looking to start the school year on the right (and healthy) foot.

It’s Brita’s newest pitcher that showcases innovation with its new Filter-As-You-Pour technology, allowing you to get great-tasting water fast. It comes in a few different colors – red, blue, white and grey – and is compact enough to fit in a dorm-room fridge.
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ZizzyBee creates innovative, reusable, and washable zippered mesh storage bags. They’re see-through, so you’ll always know what’s inside. They come in several sizes to hold everything, from snacks to toys and sports equipment. They’re accented with bright colors and patterns, a far cry from boring plastic bins. And because you can use them over and over, you won’t be adding to the world’s waste by using resealable plastic bags.

ZizzyBee is perfect for getting those toy sets with seemingly thousands of tiny pieces off your floor and in one easy to find place. They’re great for toting your child’s bathing suit, sunscreen, toys and towel to the beach. And they’re just right for on the go snacks.

If you’ve got stuff, ZizzyBee can help you organize it!

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TravelWise Packing Cube System – Durable 5 Piece Weekender Set

EatSmart Products, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative travel and health care products, recently introduced the TravelWise Packing Cube System – Durable 5 Piece Weekender Set.

The TravelWise 5 Piece Packing Cube Set is a travel essential that allows clothes to stay folded and neat when packed in their own “small drawers”. The cubes are fantastic for staying organized on both short and long trips and help travelers avoid over packing. Constructed of lightweight, durable nylon, these multi-sized cubes compartmentalize similar items such as shirts, pants, swimsuits and electronic accessories to streamline packing. The open mesh top makes searching for misplaced items a thing of the past and our five color choices allow each traveler to have their own individual set.

This product makes traveling easier and less stressful. Available in five colors – black, silver, red, teal and purple, each set includes (1) small, (2) medium and (2) large cubes to organize different sized items when traveling.

Price | Where to buy: $24.95 | and EatSmart Products website

BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry Gel

BIC has created the new Gel-ocity Quick Dry gel pens that dry 3x faster** and come in a variety of vibrant colors for less smearing and more creativity! After all, it doesn’t matter whether the pen sits in your left hand or your right – it’s the final creative product that counts. And now, thanks to the new BIC Gel-city Quick Dry pens, what you’ve created, stays created.

G2 gel pens — The ultimate pen for the everyday overachiever, G2 is America’s no. 1 selling and longest writing Go-2 gel pen. With smooth, lasting gel ink, a comfortable grip and retractable tip, 4 point sizes and 14 vibrant colors, the G2 provides students countless opportunities for personalization and precision.
FriXion Clicker erasable gel pens — Unlike the old-school, erasable pens of the past that broke your paper and left eraser shavings, the FriXion Clicker is the pen of the future, using special thermo-sensitive ink to allow unlimited do-overs in the classroom.
Dr. Grip —  Perfect for high school and college students, Dr. Grip is the no. 1 selling ergonomic pen in the United States, offering unsurpassed comfort and alleviating writing fatigue and joint stress, making writing in the classroom a breeze, especially when it comes to diligent note-taking. Dr. Grip features a unique barrel design and ergonomic cushioned grip and is available in ballpoint, gel ink and mechanical pencil.
FriXion ColorSticks erasable pens — Available in 10 vibrant colors, FriXion ColorSticks provide a fun and innovative way to write smoothly and erase cleanly using Pilot’s thermo-sensitive erasable ink — to-do lists, brainstorms and planners will never be the same. FriXion ColorSticks look, feel and erase like a traditional pencil, but are actually gel ink pens.
FriXion Colors erasable marker pens — Students and parents alike can unleash their creativity with the new FriXion Colors erasable bold point marker pens — the newest innovation in marker pen technology! Whether writing, drawing, coloring or organizing, add a touch of creativity and style to your everyday tasks with this unique thermo-sensitive, erasable ink available in a variety of fun and fresh colors.

Precise Deco CollectionPerfect for anyone looking to make a statement with their supplies, Pilot’s Precise Deco Collection pens feature the rich colors, bold shapes and exuberant style of the Art Deco era. With its lavish design and exceptionally smooth, comfortable writing experience the newest members of the Precise V5 family are both an accessory and tool for writing perfection.