Easy Ways Businesses Can Protect Customer Data

Easy Ways Businesses Can Protect Customer Data

Small businesses are the target of nearly half of all cyber-attacks, which may surprise you. They are attractive targets for data thieves because they lack the defense systems and/or funds that large organizations have. To find out how you can guard your confidential information, keep reading for easy ways you can protect customer data.

Use a Secure Network

Purchase a secure, dedicated server that will only be used by your company and its employees. Although sharing your server may be cheaper early on, you considerably reduce the risk of making information about your clients available for hacking by using a secure network. Also, always back up all of your data. If you have all the backups, ransomware, a type of malicious software that disables access to your data till you pay the hackers, will not cripple you.

Destroy Old Files

Some data breaches happen right in the alley behind your office, straight from your dumpster. Recycling old files and paper copies is an excellent practice, but make sure these files have been thoroughly shredded before you discard them. Wipe the drive clean with special software if you’re going to use a computer that previously had sensitive information. Be sure to pull the hard drive and destroy it physically if a computer is disconnected. If you want to be sure your old files with confidential information are destroyed, consider employing a product destruction service.

Use Strong Passwords

Include a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters in passwords to maximize security. As is common practice, you should change your passwords every six months or so, and you should avoid using the same password for multiple websites. If managing multiple passwords becomes a chore, consider one of the numerous widely viable password management systems. This is likely to be the easiest and best way you can protect customer data.

If you own a company, you are in charge of hundreds, if not thousands, of client identity records. As a result, your company must take all reasonable precautions to protect sensitive data from potential thieves. By investing in a secure network, properly disposing of old files, and using strong passwords, you can be sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent a potential data breach.

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