Easy Ways You Can Reduce Your Risk of a House Fire

Easy Ways You Can Reduce Your Risk of a House Fire

A house fire may be the single most devastating thing that can happen to someone’s property. There are myriad other ways that damage can occur, but for the most part, that damage is going to be reversible. Fire, however, destroys just about everything it touches. And there are a number of ways you can prevent a fire from happening to your home. Keep reading to learn about some easy ways you can reduce your risk of a house fire.

Keep Your Stovetop Clean

In all likelihood, your stove didn’t burst into flames because you’re a bad cook. It’s more likely that bits of food on the burner became too hot from being allowed to sit for too long. But a stovetop fire can happen for a number of reasons. Curtains might catch fire if they are hung too near to the stove, and dish towels and cookbooks that are forgotten near a hot stove might catch fire.

Check Cords and Plugs

Check cords for fraying or damage before plugging anything in. Replace any broken wires immediately, as they pose a serious fire threat. Also, be sure to double-check where you’ve placed your cords. Because cords tend to grow hot, don’t put them beneath a carpet or in a space where they’ll be in direct contact with your walls or furnishings. You should also be sure that your electrical outlets don’t have too many power strips or extension cords plugged into them. These can greatly increase the risk of an electrical fire.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher

When a fire starts, your greatest line of defense is a fire extinguisher. You should have one in every place where there is a danger of fire, especially the kitchen. Every member of the household must understand how to use a fire extinguisher in the event of an emergency. This is probably the easiest way you can reduce your risk of a house fire. If you can extinguish the flames before they spread, that’s a pretty incredible return on investment.

Check Your Dryer

You should examine your dryer at least on a yearly basis, depending on which model you have. We’re always pressed for time when it comes to household tasks, but remember to empty your lint trap before starting a fresh cycle of laundry. You should also look beneath the washing machine to ensure that no lint or small clothing items have gotten stuck down there.

Be Careful With Candles

Scented candles are popular over the holidays, but they might catch fire if you don’t handle them correctly. Before you leave a room, make sure to put the candles out and keep them away from blankets and other soft furnishings.  If you begin to fall asleep, stand up and extinguish the candle.  Never place them on an irregular surface, such as a mattress, as they are prone to falling over. Candles that are lit should be kept away from pets.

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