Eight tips to have a memorable palm reading experience

By Lisa Eclesworth

Whenever you see a psychic or a palm reader, it is easy to misunderstand the process because very few people actually understand how to enjoy themselves and create an environment that ensures the best possible experience.

1. Open your mind

When it comes to any type of psychic experience, you can increase the chance that you will enjoy the experience if you keep an open mind. For instance, if you are critical or suspicious that the psychic only wants your money, you might tense your hands or clench your fingers. When a palm reader is reading your palm, being tense can impact the lines in your skin.

Unlike other types of psychic readings, a session with a palm reader relies on you to be comfortable, and you cannot do this if you are tense, critical, or thinking that the entire process is ludicrous. In fact, if you relax and attempt to consider how the story of your life and the narrative of your future might actually be woven into the creases of your hand, you can come away with some powerful knowledge about what might await you in the later days, months, or years of your life.

2. Wash your hands

This might seem like something that does not need to be mentioned, but in the age of the pandemic, washing your hands is important if you want to remain safe against any virus. However, washing your hands does something else. It brings your hands to a natural state, and it helps cleanse your skin for a better reading. Finally, it also helps relax you.

3. Be nice

At times, the palm reader will ask you questions about your life and about what might be in your future. When a palm reader asks questions, you should provide answers with a truthful mind and with a polite tone of voice. You should not scoff or use a tone of voice that attempts to show how intelligent or disbelieving you are.

After all, your palm reader is a person, too. He or she is attempting to divine the nature of your future by looking at such things as your life line and heart line. Similarly, if your palm reader tells you something that might very well happen in your future, you should take that knowledge politely and not snicker or laugh.

4. Tip

Although your palm reader charges a certain amount for his or her services, it is also nice to tip the person. Doing so helps convey your thankfulness for the service.

5. Think about your life

As you hold out your hand, you should think about your life and about your possible future. Doing so will help you relax, and it can help provide positive vibrations that can influence the overall process.

Because the future is always uncertain, thinking about your life during the process might also cause you to think of a question of importance. If you then ask the palm reader, he or she can explore the creases in your hand and see how events in your future might unfold.

6. Consider other services for a greater awareness

If you enjoy palm reading, you might consider getting a different type of reading that might provide critical information about your fate. For instance, some psychics use tarot cards while others actually look into a crystal ball. Some can even provide a reading for love-related matters. When you get a so-called love reading, it might intersect with information you receive in a palm reading.

7. Do not expect a specific roadmap to your future

A palm reading cannot give you specific details about what might happen to you. For instance, you will not receive information about what might occur next Tuesday as you are driving home from work. You will not receive information about what a certain phone call will be about or who will be calling.

Instead, you will receive general information about your future that you can then use or heed according to your interests. This information might be about your love life, or it might be about your finances. It will not include information that you need to contact a certain person or send someone money. Instead, many palm readings are based on attempting to discover whether certain general events or situations in your life might take a turn for the positive or negative.

8. Bring a friend

You can enjoy your experience much more if you bring a friend. Again, being able to relax is important, and having a friend at your side can help you accomplish this

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