EJ Dalius Discusses the Importance of Leveraging Local SEO Tips to Boost Your Small Business

The main purpose of a marketing strategy is to position its brand effectively on the search engine results page. There are easy but effective ways of boosting your business’s visibility in the overall search engine results and at the same time, enhancing relevant marketing endeavors in social media, media outreach, ratings, and reviews.

As per https://www.pittsburghbettertimes.com, the search patterns have changed with time, and most of the purchasers are focusing on the local resources for the availability of products and services that they are looking for. This has resulted in the concept of local SEO. At the very core, we understand that local SEO is basically about two things: 

· Strategically placing your website or business in the spots that are most visible in local search

· Acquiring the unflinching trust of your target audience. Both these goals and objectives are very much within your reach.

EJ Dalius says that local SEO is vital for kick-starting a brick-and-mortar business. People in the vicinity should be able to locate your business easily and choose you over other existing local competitors. That is primarily the reason why a robust local SEO campaign could help in boosting traffic and footfall faster as compared to a national search engine optimization campaign. If you are willing to rely on the power and versatility of local SEO, let us explore some effective local SEO stratagems for instilling some focus and dedication to your campaign. 

Stay Focused with Local SEO Tips by Eric Dalius

Pack Your Business Website with Fully-Optimized Information

The official website for your business is the most valuable and important online asset. Hence, it pays to ensure that it is fully optimized so that it appears on the higher slots of the SERP rankings. 

· You must focus on creating a domain name reflecting your specific business type and its precise location.

· You must include the NAP or all information correctly relating to the name, address, and even phone number present in not just the contact page or homepage but even in all the individual web pages.

· Incorporate keywords into page titles that actually identify broadly with your specific business, its location, and services.

· Besides, highlighting and drawing the attention to your offerings, you must make sure that your website content has information about your precise local area for further associating your organization within close vicinity. For instance, point out what part of the town your business is located in and precisely which sports team would be playing across the street or specifically which park is located around the corner. All these authentic and important information would go a long way in improving your web copy for consumers, and it would be boosting phenomenally your search visibility as predominantly a local firm or business.

City Pages

City Pages are very important if you wish to be found in surrounding metro areas or cities. We know that City Pages are supposed to be pages present within your website that have been optimized for a particular service or product in a particular market or city. City Pages are regarded as an immensely powerful tool. It could assist you in achieving rankings in specific areas where your business has no address. According to Eric J Dalius, this is critical because it allows you to go about accessing the local search target audience to identify a valuable source of customers since as per Searchbloom, around 46 percent of the total Google searches are made to seek local information. 

Ensure Proper Utilization of Google Posts

Google Posts have been introduced in 2017 as an effective way for verified Google My Business users to go about updating prospective clients about their business. We know that Google Posts would be appearing in the search rankings page beside your business’s listing on Google My Business. You have the liberty to post reviews, communicate with your precise target audience, and even publish events. Moreover, Google Posts face expiry after every seven days. However, the event posts stay there till the event is over. This is certainly an effective way of informing potential attendees cost-effectively.


Even small businesses would become successful and they would enjoy a boost in leads, conversions, and traffic as compared to their existing competition. 

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