EJ Dalius Offers Tips to Market Your Small Business through Local SEO

Starting an online business on a small-scale seems intimidating for some entrepreneurs, but with local SEO in place, things have become easier. EJ Dalius thinks that even if you invest little but do your SEO right, your potential customers will find your website and inquire about the products or services they require. 

According to an article published on https://www.pittsburghbettertimes.com, you will need to track customer feedback or reviews about your products as it captures your buyers’ experience. Here are some local SEO tips to market your small business using cost-effective methods:

Eric J Dalius recommends making your website user-friendly

Before you start promoting your products or services via numerous digital channels, make certain that your site’s Metadata is perfect and adheres to the guidelines laid down by Google webmasters. On-page SEO means adding web page titles as well as Meta descriptions. Make sure your page titles incorporate your business name as well as 1-2 keywords (KWs) that visitors will use when looking for your products or services on Google. 

Do not use multiple KWs or search phrases though, and keep the Meta titles and descriptions read naturally. 

Start an internet marketing campaign 

SEO brings results and is cost-effective; the only activity that will cost you money is Google’s paid ads or Google AdWords. A paid campaign will let you pick specific KWs, write copy for marketing ads, and attract online visitors to your web pages depending on what they searched. Whenever a user clicks on your ad, you will need to pay Google. Eric Dalius asks marketers not to worry because you will set the maximum amount before your paid campaign turns live. When no person clicks on your ad, you need not pay anything to Google. 

Start a blog 

Start your website blog to write about your brand, products, services, and your expertise in the niche industry you serve. While penning blog content, do not promote your products directly. Explain the benefits of your stuff that make your customers’ lives easy and solve their problems instead. 

Blogging helps you to boost your brand’s presence online provided you churn out unique and quality content. When you write valuable stuff for your targeted audience, you become an authority or expert in the industry, which is the best way to attain new links to your business website. 

Always appreciate and request for reviews 

Did you know that the majority of local sites or directories let customers post reviews? Besides Yelp, other sites are encouraging in asking for reviews. Irrespective of whether the reviews are positive or negative, it makes your small business more reliable to your existing and potential customers. 

Many studies indicate that any five customer reviews on Google work like a magic solution, as they will help your website to rank better in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Once your site grabs the top spot in the SERPS or within the first five of the list, visitors will come to your website. 


Your small business cannot spend thousands of dollars on digital marketing and therefore, local SEO is your best bet. It brings results and pocket-friendly. 

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