EJ Dalius suggest smart ways to handle scraper sites

Plagiarism has besieged the internet world for a very long time. You might come up with good quality original content, but scrapers are ready to copy your content and put it up. Watch out for scraper sites that could steal your content and thereby prevent republishing of your website.  

Learn ways to understand how to deal with such a situation when your content is doing better for somebody else. It can become very tricky and frustrating. It becomes more problematic when the scraper site has more search engine rankings than yours. 

EJ Dalius says they are stealing your content and your audience and even your income source.

Eric J Dalius explains the concept of content scraping

Content scraping is a method where writers pull content from other websites using scripts. These scripts can extract the contents of different websites and put them together on one particular site. There are a variety of reasons why people get attracted to your website. You can also use it as a way of making money through affiliate marketing

There is a slight difference between content scraping and syndication. Content scraping is the use of the content of one website by the other without any prior permission. In contrast, content syndication is when both the concerning parties use a particular material with an agreement.Eric J Dalius urges young entrepreneurs to devise ways to find out websites that are using your content.

Eric Dalius explain ways to deal with content scrapers

Trackbacks have emerged as a popular method for finding content scrapers. You need to put up internal links to your post as such you get a trackback when your website gets scraped. Even audit tools could help you to find scrapers. After knowing about a scraper website, there are specific ways you can deal with them.

  • Create as many internal links as possible. Interlinking is a process that can help visitors to get hold of new articles quickly. It is quite helpful because when someone is scraping your content, they usually keep these links intact. As such, you will get free links from those websites. 
  • Try to add new keywords so that the audience on the scrapper site gets tempted to click on those keywords. It is a popular way for you to steal the audience of the scrapper site.
  • Some people find it too difficult to go behind content scrapers, so they prefer not to waste their energy. Instead, they invest their time and energy in creating more original content. However, it is wrong to ignore scrapers because your website can get flagged because of the dupe website. Sometimes the scraper sites gain more search engine rankings.
  • You can also get notified when the keyword gets indexed by utilizing appropriate tools. These tools help you to find out content scrapers whenever any content with your title post gets uploaded.

Eric Dalius says many people smartly pick up unique sentences from their content and use tools to create alerts. When those sentences get uploaded on some other website, you will get notified. It is becoming a popular method for finding out content scrapers.

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