Engravable Necklaces Are the Perfect Gift for Mom

If you’re shopping for Mom—for the holiday season or any occasion—chances are you’re going to turn to jewelry at some point. After all, it’s hard not to fall in love with the classic look of a pearl and silver necklace or another beautiful piece. Plus, most women enjoy necklaces and other jewelry, so it’s a tried-and-true source of gifting inspiration.

However, the same sort of pendants and generic jewelry can seem less meaningful as time goes on. Your mom deserves something special, doesn’t she? You can offer her just that with an engravable necklace from Kendra Scott.

Let Mom focus on herself for a change.


If your mom is like most, they spend an awful lot of time and energy focused on the people they love, including you. She may have even accumulated some jewelry to show off that giving spirit, such as necklaces with your and your siblings’ birthstones or a pendant simply emblazoned “MOM.”

This time around, let the spotlight shine on Mom herself for a different take. Pick out a necklace for Mom that’s emblazoned with her own initial. She certainly deserves it after all she does for everyone!

Add a secret message.


In many cases, engraved pieces show off the customization so that you’ll see it at a glance, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Pendant necklaces can be just as meaningful with a hidden engraving. Rather than keeping things conventional, consider choosing a piece with engraving on its back or otherwise hidden.

Include a meaningful note, hidden message, or other subtle detail on the reverse side of a gold necklace where Mom can keep it close to her heart. Whether you’re immortalizing an inside joke, sharing a kind thank you for everything she does, or another detail they might not want facing out to the world, a necklace with engravings on the back can add a powerful message that doesn’t need to be seen.

Save the date.


A mom has plenty of meaningful dates in her life—the anniversary of when she got married, your and your siblings’ birthdates, or another important date in her life. So why not include one of these dates on your mom’s new necklace? Any one of these will undoubtedly be a beautiful, meaningful detail.

You might not realize it at first, but there are plenty of variations you can utilize here, too. Consider just how many ways a person can write a certain date! Written month/date/year or date/month/year, in words or in numbers, there are creative options to make any necklace unique, even if it’s got the same date as on another piece.

Remind her of a happy memory.


Not every happy memory is connected to a specific date. Instead, you can remind Mom of the best times you’ve shared with another detail! There are countless ways you can embrace the same sorts of emotions with a basic engraving.

For instance, consider adding the coordinates of your mom’s favorite city or your beloved hometown. Add a phrase with particular meaning, or a word that only you and she will understand. What matters most is that it brings a smile to Mom’s face when she opens her gift!

With so many options, there’s no denying that engravable necklaces make for the perfect gift for Mom. And, even within a particular type of engraving, you’ll find a whole variety of styles that could make this necklace all the more ideal. Whether you opt for a longer or shorter necklace in silver or gold, you’ll have options for any kind of image. You may even have a complimentary engraving when you purchase a necklace!

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